Little Busters! Episode 11: Ghost Hunting



The Little Busters gather to go on a test of courage! In groups, they head inside the school building to the various classrooms at night, with their objective being to locate and acquire four talismans set up by Kyousuke. But when a strange flying entity startles many of the members, Kyousuke decides to divert all their efforts towards stopping it instead. And what’s going on with Masato and Kengo inside the Principal’s office?


Ahahahaha that was hilarious! In terms of the plot as a whole, nothing at all happened, but it was definitely good for me. I think I’d actually anticipated that something like this would happen based on last week’s preview, and it was confirmed straight away at the start of the ep with Masato going on about some girl who would kill you either way no matter what colour you answer her question with. It was pretty predictable how everything would pan out, but it only made it all the more funny when you realized that it actually happened – things like the skeleton popping out of the closet and “killing” Komari (daiJOUbu~) or the team setup, which resulted in the three terrified girls entering together and the Masato + Kengo pair forming once more. The highlight of the early part of the episode, was without a doubt Kengo’s terrified reaction. Man, I’m even going to say that this entire episode, for all it’s lack of plot was worth it if it meant seeing Kengo like THAT xD


You have to admire Kurugaya and her boundless confidence. Not even once did she twitch, and Haruka quickly gave in after trying to sound absolutely fine, while Riki seemed to be on the boundary for most things. And about the deal with Masato and Kengo in the principal’s room…I think we’ll never find out the real answer to what went on in that room that evening. It wasn’t an elaborate trick set up by Kyousuke, but it couldn’t have been real ghosts, right? Right? I mean, one of them wanted to arm wrestle Masato! What kind of brave soul would dare to do that, I don’t know.

I did consider that the big, black flying thing was a dog…somehow, but it does fit better that it was Kyousuke’s pet eagle (o.O) who used to pay with the Little Busters. The fact that it flew all the way here to meet him is just one of those heartwarming things that have no deeper meaning that makes this show what it is – an anime about friendship and bonds. Hopefully next week Riki gets to extend those bonds to Mio, whose cute yawning made its own contribution to today’s ep all the same. We might have to step through some drama-filled backstories and trauma that needs to be overcome, but that’s part of the show’s job description as well xD



I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Magicflier says:

    I lost it when Masato started to challenge the ghost to a arm wrestle match XD
    This episode didn’t feel like a filler for me though, this is like the first time i’ve finally seen the whole group together doing something Kyousuke came up with as a breather! (ala the whole group following through Kyousuke’s antics) Alot more friendship and bonding was born in this episode. Next episode, Mio will now be persuaded to join Little Busters somehow, i hope..

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah, while I do enjoy these episodes, I’m also feeling ready for a bit more drama and angst that I hope will be delivered just as well as these comedy eps have been handled.

    • Jiburi says:

      Actually, i’ve read some summaries given from a certain source that Mio’s arc will officially start next episode. Mio probably won’t join the Little Busters yet so who knows when she will join, maybe after the arc?

  2. Jiburi says:

    Anyway, great review! Enjoyed reading it. :)

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