K Episode 11: The First and Silver King

“Macht nichts ich bin…unverwundbar. Endlich habe ich verstanden. Mein Name…my name is Adolph K. Weismann.”



I don’t know whether I’ve explicitly mentioned it in my past posts, but recently I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with this show and it’s lukewarm plot, as well as its tendency to run around in circles with various characters while never giving us the depth they need. Characters such as Shiro we knew absolutely next to nothing about, leaving us with little emotional attachment or care to their situation. People find themselves drawn to characters for many reasons, be it their development, backstory, or even how badass and cool they are. K seems to be doing the latter – with Weismann reincarnated, I find Shiro to be much more interesting now, and I can somewhat forgive the show for leaving Shiro as a blank character slate thus far. I will admit – this show is getting very exciting, and it just might turn everything round and close up with a bang instead.

Pi988Firstly, the situation between HOMRA and Scepter 4 has finally boiled up to a clash that was imminent since the start of the series – but this time, it features a wide-scale clash between the entirety of the two clans around the school. Both have been in opposition to each other for presumably a long time, and even with more recent events we have inevitable fights such as Yata vs Fushimi, and what will hopefully be Kusanagi vs Seri, though I do wish for the two to end up together. After last week’s bromance session between Mikoto and Munakata, it seems that Munakata will be using all the power he has to stop Mikoto from destroying himself from the inside out by going past his limit, as despite their current positions I think it’s safe to say that they were quite close friends in the past. It’s possible that by exerting his powers even more while fighting Munakata, his Sword of Damocles might deteriorate anyway, which apparently will be a blast so big that it’ll cause a repeat of the Kagutsu Crater incident that reduced the surrounding area to rubble.

Pi011Let’s address the elephant in the room – Shiro is Adolph K. Weismann. No, it’d be more accurate to say that he’s the Weismann from that WWII-ish era, in which Weismann actually looked similar to, and sounded a lot like Shiro. I’m surprised I never picked up on that idea earlier on, a few weeks ago. Their personalities were so carefree, just like Shiro is – I have a theory that Weismann is indeed immortal, though not in physical form – he gets reincarnated whenever one body dies, and this time it’s into Shiro. The German he spoke there can (very roughly) translate to him being invulnerable and finally/at last understanding the situation, though the fact he spoke German in the first place does confirm his title as the First and Silver King, whose discovery of the tablets and the success of the mice experiment ended up the predecessor to the seven kings and their war. Shiro’s new Sword of Damocles (which was already hinted at a few weeks ago) looks pristine and fresh, and he’s probably gained a few powers along the way as well that he didn’t have before. Of course, it’s also possible, from what that fox spirit said that Shiro is one part of a full Weismann – the evil, harboured intent turning into the man on the airship, and the guy just wanting a peaceful life becoming Shiro. The other Weismann thus pushes him off the airship and into the school.

We also have the white fox spirit thing returning, proving to most likely being the culprit in the murder of Tatara Totsuka. That fox spirit seems to be able to jump from various hosts and infest itself on them, bending their mind similar to what poor Kukuri has to go through. It possessed that HOMRA guy to try and kill Munakata despite him getting saved merely moments ago, and was responsible for trying to snipe down Anna and Kusanagi as well – at this point, it’s probably safe to assume that the spirit possessed Shiro on the night of the murder, and he committed the deed while under its influence. Seeing as how contact with the spirit ended up giving Shiro all his memories back, it’s probably related to the airship version of Weismann very closely though we can’t say for sure just yet. In any case, things are gonna escalate even further next week, with Mikoto deciding to pair up with Munakata in fighting Weismann and a still overly attached Neko! He does look kinda badass there…



I love cute things.

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  1. Eva says:


    Damn this is the first episode that I really enjoyed.

    So now that the pieces are altogether, I think this is how it went:

    > the spirit took possession of Shiro first
    > then after he killed Tosaka
    > he was picked up by Adolf
    > there the spirit swapped places
    > and that’s where Shiro was pushed off the airship

    PS: The fox is super creepy X___X;;;

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