Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episodes 57 & 58: The Spider

“Because we’re his friends, we don’t want him to kill.” – Gon


With Gon and Killua got captured a second time, Kurapika’s intentions switched from vengeance to rescuing his friends from the troupe. The plan was to capture the leader and use him as a hostage to get the two boys back.

The plan was a success and resulting for the boss to be unable to use Nen and to see his members again. As for another member, Pakunoda, who can read someone’s memories, became unable to tell his comrades about everything she knows. Even so, in the end, she chose to let his comrades know about her memories and at the same time, her feelings.


OKAAAY OKAAAAY YOU HAVE NOOO IDEAAAA Well, even I have no idea why I cried in this end of the arc. It was just precious. Everything is. Although I lost track on which episode I was few weeks ago and I thought I have already reviewed episode 57. LMAO And… OMG I really can’t express it well. So, let me start on pointing out a few things.

Chrollo seems to be a person who has already accepted death every day. Okay, you can’t meet someone like this anywhere at all. As a boss of such a troupe, now I understand why he stands above all the other members. Sure, he’s powerful since he can use any other nen that he have stolen but the fact that his resolve is really strong and that he easily accepts almost anything that happens around him, he’s one of a kind and a boss one will respect. I might have like the Phantom Troupe if what they are doing are for justice even if they kill (just like characters from Code: Breaker). They could have been a group of my dreams.

This scene is actually pretty funny. XDDD If you have watched it, you’ll laugh. Well, not really but then again, I LAUGHED. LOL

Kurapika, on the other hand, changed so much after meeting and knowing more about Gon and Killua. Although, in my own opinion, everything around the main characters changed ever since they have all met Gon. Gon is a key character in this series after all. His initial motive was to kill all members of the Phantom Troupe but then changes as Gon and Killua were captured. It is normal to a person to have his or her weakness revolved around his or her friends, you know (Chrollo needs some friends and not just comrades). Also, Kurapika might have already understood why Gon and Killua didn’t much struggle to let go from the troupe and that is… Gon’s reason (the featured line). No matter how you look at it, it seems these episodes focused so well with friends and comrades that change the negative side of the other – which is something precious. Kurapika is smart, wise and has the ability to do things that he measure up into. IMO, he’s the almost-perfect character in the series (against the phantom troupe, I guess). I wonder how he would go without the use of his chains.


Pakunoda was a meaningful member of the phantom troupe. Her fortune was sad and her ending is as well as sad. I cried, seriously, I did. Especially knowing that after her death and after her sacrifice, she manage to changed the ideals of the remaining members of the phantom troupe (aside from Hisoka, of course). It was a good change for The Spider and since Chrollo had already mentioned that even if they don’t have a head, he will be replaced by another then get more legs to complete the spider again. It’s meaningful, very much, in a way that made me cry.

I do not like the Phantom Troupe since what they are doing is just… IDK… stupid. LOL But for some reason, because of what happened and after all those words they have said to both Gon and Killua, I manage to like them a little, somehow. I do wish that they would change so Kurapika don’t have to burden himself for intentions such as vengeance.

Another hilarious scene with the Phantom Troupe. Ahhh. Damn I laughed a lot with this. XDDD

I should also add this since this is also GAWDAMN FUNNY. hahahahaha Damn it, Gon. You are awesome. XDD

This seems ended the Phantom Troupe Arc. Next week will be tackling the Greed Island arc which was Gon’s initial plan from the very beginning. It was dragged on so much with the pace the Phantom Troupe Arc was going but it was worth the while!

*a few second of silence to respect this awkward moment* Ahhh, yeas…. HAHAHAHAHAHA


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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3 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    I loved this arc, really, my favorite among all hxh so far.
    Now regarding your review, erm… I think you should check it up once more, you kind of exchanged Kurapika’s name for Killua in a couple of places.

  2. Arimpact says:

    lol that last scen with the 2 spiders never gets old. It’s much more comical than the original hxh.

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