Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 60: Game Start!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 60 -  (45)

“Not many people can stick to their ideals.” – Puhat


Gon and Killua managed to train themselves until the day of the screening. Kurapika had left with Melody to continue to guard the Nostrade Family. When Gon and Killua passed the screening, Leorio also decided to take on his path seriously and take his own exam in becoming a doctor.

Gon manage to enter the game first and learned the basic things he needs to play the game and at the same time, using Ging’s ring when he played, he received a message from his father.


Well, the two boys seriously took the training to the next level and that they even made the judge scared to death with their display of abilities. But before we proceed with that, let me talk about Leorio.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 60 -  (31)

This Leorio look makes you want to cuddle with him. HOHOHOHO

Leorio seemed to be your minor character when it comes to the four of them since he doesn’t really possesses any kind of strong Nen except the knowledge of it and he’s not that smart but he does know certain things when it comes to planning on other stuff but pretty much useless when it comes to combat. If I were to categorize him in an RPGame, he will be the support – which doesn’t attack much but can provide the support that a player needs – thus, Melody did say, he will make a great doctor or a teacher (since “sensei” refers to a doctor or a teacher in Japanese). Melody praised him pretty well, making him take his dream seriously from here onwards. He has a carefree attitude and is a funny man as well making me thinks that he never does take things seriously enough. LOL Even if he had things to do already, he still waited until Gon and Killua starts with the game.

Our two boys need to sign a contract that has three conditions: 1. they can’t sue anyone if they get injured or killed, 2. every item they obtain from the game will belong to the console owner, and 3. They will be paid a big amount of Jenny if they clear the game. All three conditions doesn’t really conflict Gon’s intentions. All he has to do is play the game, see what is the thing that Ging left him and to know if there are any clues on how to find Ging in the game. Thus, both kids agreed on the contract.

Greed Island has more things to consider when you play it. You get to use two kinds of magic with the ring each player wears:

  1. Book – This appears to be a normal book that can contain number of cards. A player must complete all slots in the book in order to clear the game. At the same time, the book contains 100 specific card slots and 99 free card slots. The specific card slots are numbered and are based on the number on the cards they have to search for as well while the free card slots can contain any card from the user. The cards needed are items that you have to find while playing the game. But this is not an easy tag of cards as well since there are certain cards that have a maximum number of transformations. If a card has a maximum number of transformation of three (3), it only means that, that item can only be transformed into a card three times only and the fourth person who finds that item can no longer transform it into a card – which makes the search far more vast. Additional thing would be if you have already obtained a card, you need to put it in the book within 60 seconds else, you can never transform that item into a card ever again.
  2. Gain – gain is actually the magic you’ll use to transform a card into an item for you to use. If you have an item “sword”, the moment you get it, it’ll automatically turn into a card. You use gain to turn the card into an item again to use the sword for fighting, slashing, or any other use for it. It is quite a very handy thing to have.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 60 -  (41)

Basically, these two magic that the game features reminds me of Doraemon’s pocket. LOL The book basically acts as a storage feature of the game for your items gathered, same feature on usually games nowadays with backpacks and such. Since Greed Island is an RPGame, it sure needs a storage feature as such. GI players can also be called cardcaptors, right? HAHA

After Gon started the game, there was a message activated for him from his father, Ging, saying that:

“I’m glad to see you’ve made it, Gon. My friends and I made this game. Enjoy yourself. But if you expected a clue to my location, you’re out of luck. I just wanted to show off this game to you. It doesn’t matter what brought you here because you won’t be able to leave until you obtain a specific item. So play away.” – Ging Freecss

Okay, what I felt after this scene was: OMG Gon, you have been trolled by your own father!!! Well, on the side where the game might hold a clue as to where Ging can be found but seriously, Ging is such a father. LOL For him to just show off the game to his son, he has to go so many ways as such. XD But this doesn’t change the fact that he still cares for Gon.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. Tsetzuko says:

    How bad would Ging feel if Gon just died in Greed Island?

    My thoughts after the trolling we’re basically “LoL, what a dick.”.

    When they were explaining the rules of the game I reacted much like Gon – Eh, I’ll figure it out as we go along.

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