Code: Breaker Episode 9: For the Code: Breakers

“That way, the Code: Breakers won’t have to die alone with nobody to remember them.” – Hitomi


Prime Minister kidnapped and now Sakurakouji gotten herself get caught by Heike in a trap luring her towards Hitomi’s hiding place, locking her up. By the knowledge of an unknown person, the remaining Code: Breakers (except 05, Rui) received notice about Hitomi’s whereabouts.

With things as it is and with Heike’s sudden betrayal to the group, more chaos arises as bombs pre-planted beforehand explodes one by one.


NOOOOO MY TEAAARRSSS. Okay, I dunno why my tears started falling because of this. I literally cried over the manga on this part of the story. I mean, for Hitomi to do such a thing for those he calls comrades and then… then… okay, even thought his reason is so touching enough that doesn’t still change the fact that what he is doing is not already the justice that he once believed in. I might have mentioned before that I predict Code: Breaker to only has 12 episodes but as far as I am concerned about his cross mark on his neck, it’ll probably take longer than that. But, this is just a hunch anyway, never mind me.

Okay, back to Hitomi. Hitomi’s motive upon the bomb explosions and kidnapping then kill the Prime Minister are for his fallen comrades whose death was never known to anyone. For those whose existence was wiped out for being a Code: Breaker, they didn’t even have the right to have a tombstone of their own and all Hitomi could do is collect wall clocks. Yes, wall clocks which indicate the time of death of each Code: Breaker while doing their job and being loyal to Eden. It’s touchy. The reason kind of pierced my heart. Even the fact that Code: Breaker have to live their lives being anonymous to everyone even though what they are doing are putting their lives in danger in the name of justice. And for Hitomi to carry such a burden for his past comrades, I can understand why he would hate Eden and the Prime Minister but, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY HE HAS TO DO ALL THOSE FEAR-RELATED STUFFS AT ALL.

LET’S GO SAKURA, I AM ON YOUR SIDE TODAY. Stop all the killing!!! It is not right, right now!!! And then what?! Use Kanda-sensei against Ogami just so you would be able to tease Ogami a little? I know your electric powers are powerful enough to make you number one, Hitomi, but… don’t do this… T_T For someone Kanda-sensei look up to, for Ogami who have always respected you and for the rest of the Code: Breakers who were always willing to follow you, don’t do this… or (okay, shall I spoil you? Naaah)

Yuki did say that Ogami’s blue flame is beautiful. I have to agree on it in this scene. *Q*

Heike? Do I have to mention about Heike here? Honestly, I like Heike’s character although he does seem weird in some ways (the rest of the Code: Breakers are weird anyway). I do believe that the reason behind siding with Hitomi was not the thing he just said in the episode. I like Heike and even though he has betrayed the group in this, I still like him. He’s funny and a character with no eyebrows. I would seriously love to know what happened to his eyebrows though. His fight with Yuuki and Ogami was cool. He is cool and so are the rest of them. LOL I really can’t choose at all.

At least, my favorite, Toki, enters the scene VERY late then Sakura got herself stuck with the Prime Minister whom both Yukihina and Hitomi took away from the building. And so, she got herself kidnapped as well? But that’s not kidnap since she came on her own accord. D8


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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