BTOOOM Episode 12 -  (40)

“I will not abandon you! I wouldn’t ever. Not in this world or the virtual one!” – Sakamoto Ryouta


Taira, being left alone with an injury and with a sane mind of usually thinking that he’s going to be alone and gonna die alone, betrayed Sakamoto and Himiko due to mind pressure. Himiko tries her best in protecting Sakamoto as well forming them a good team together and of course, giving Sakamoto the hint that Himiko is the Himiko he knows in the game.


Oh God, Oh God… Oh God… I can’t help it. When I get to see the news about this series on my facebook timeline, I almost busted out crying. This series HAS to end in episode 12 due to the… ugh… fact that this series is not selling well and a second season is not promised yet. Oh God, Oh Why?! When everything about this episode is the great turning point and they have to stop and so we get a super awesome and big cliffhanger of all time! I have to accept this. I have to… Anyway, there’s still the manga and if ever the manga makes me happy, I’ll be glad to write down a review about it, no doubt. But you know what? It’s good that they used Exist by nano on the opening sequence. It is a great song. XD

BTOOOM Episode 12 -  (4)

To be honest, in this scene, I felt like watching horror. Q_Q

Let me get this straight. Taira is insane already. As far as everyone that’s watching this show, Taira had once said that being alone, you get to think of negative stuff most of the time. Especially on his case where he’s always alone, always left out and is obviously injured. And because of all the things piling up in his mind, added that he misses his family as well, he’s getting hallucinations of his son and wife. Taira san might have been sent to island but for his family, he’s a dear loved father and a husband although it is a different story when he is at work. If I were in his situation, I might have snapped already by the time Sakamoto had left me while crying and begging not to leave me behind. Sure, Sakamoto is at least a little bit at fault in this but Taira has to also consider the fact that Himiko’s life is in danger at that time. Although I hate the fact that Sakamoto had to lie just to get loose from Taira at that time to go and save Himiko. That might have played a big role on Taira’s psychological state. Taira’s betrayal, although, played a very good role. Not only Sakamoto got a hint about Himiko’s identity but also was able to realize his own faults before the death game began.

Taira’s death was a sad thing to happen for the last episode. I knew what would happen but it was still too sad for me to accept. Taira has been through a lot and even betrayed a good friend and in the end, didn’t get the chance to apologize. The same with Sakamoto, he has never gotten the chance to apologize to him and yet, he ended his life. It was sad for him but this changed Sakamoto and his view in life a lot. He needs this much drama in order for him to realize and reflect on the things he has done. Sure, he’s good with the game and he’s very much that of a gentleman but for him to treat his parents the same way he didn’t want his own father to treat him was just bad. I know he did that unconsciously but still, he’s already 22 (was it?)! He’s not a child anymore. The whole death game played its role well in developing Sakamoto’s character very well and also, the same with Himiko. She became aware of her feelings towards Sakamoto and even reached the conclusion of sacrificing herself just to make Sakamoto go home. That is just sweet!

BTOOOM Episode 12 -  (43)

Oh yes, definitely the romance I was waiting for. LOL

Okay, the sweet part, the romance in this series. It was having a slow paced at first since all the character care about in this series was survival. Sakamoto and Himiko’s love story is not your ordinary one. They’ve known each other in the game and for the hero to not even realize their common interest when they met in real (but in a silly game created for them to actually kill). They first became enemies but then became allies and through their time being together, they became to trust each other and had to work together in order to survive and then later, realize that it is love. No matter where, in-game or in reality, it is love. Cheesy, I know, but it’s the fact. I love how Sakamoto brushed away his memories of Oda and how he was looking up to him. Yes, it was a bad decision for Sakamoto to even look up into some thug like him. And personally, I love how Sakamoto decided that they won’t do “it” there and wait until they have gotten out of the game’s hell and date for real.

Oh, Tyrannos is having mechanical trouble as it said but… THAT ENDED THIS SERIES SERIOUSLY WRONG. THEY SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED A TIMESKIP OR SOMETHING. But… either way… It was a nice watch, especially those mind-battles.

BTOOOM Episode 12 -  (54)

This image actually pissed me off. XD

You know what?! Of all the episodes, this was the most precious and not because it is the final episode. Believe me. When Sakamoto started to realize his own mistakes, it made me think of my personal mistakes in life as well. I almost cried when I read this part in the manga since I can REALLY, SERIOUSLY can relate. Not that I would go as far as defy my own parents because of a game or my addiction.


Plot/Story: 9/10

Actually the plot is kind of mainstream nowadays since we did had Hunger Games before as a hit (they say) movie and of course, the other anime which has something to do with an online game. But the thing that I rate this series with 9 is because how the plot changed and developed through the episode and how the set up of all the bombs, and everything on the island and the online game were unique on its own way. Plus, the death of those dear to you and the betrayal of those whom you tried to trust and everything about the negative things that happens in a society can be found here. You seldom get strategic games these days since RPG has been the love of all people.

Character/Character Development: 9/10

Yes, definitely, the characters are pretty much unique from each other. Since this series deal with people that have been hated by others and want to be thrown away, surely, they will be unique on their own way and evil (most of them). The character development is promising, especially to the lead characters. It didn’t get a perfect score on me since some of the characters are not yet well shown.

Animation: 5/10

To be honest, I don’t like the dominant colors much and the static animation is quite boring. Although I do praise their environmental animation and their use of textures in the whole series and as well the nice CG for the bombs and the timing of the slow motion effect. They are really well done during battles and of course, their fighting scenes. Remember the fight between Sakamoto and the psycho kid? That was one hell of an entertainment, I tell ya.

Soundtrack: 8/10

Nano’s and May’n’s songs, precious enough. Really. The background music sometimes are not to my liking but most of them totally matches the scene and the timing on each beat is just fantastic.

Overall: 8/10

Recommended? Yes if you can take the cliffhanger. XD Then again, you can always read the manga.

BTOOOM Episode 12 -  (53)

This series should continue because you know, Himiko’s real name is not yet revealed in the anime. LOLOLOL


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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