Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 9: Boyfriend

“Yeah, you really are amazing, Mahiro. Absolutely amazing.” – Yoshino


With the Tree of Exodus revealed and the Kusaribe Clan under attack, Samon, the current leader of the clan, took his actions to prevent the two school boys. Apparently, it was revealed from the previous episode that Hakaze is dead and more details were said. With this, Mahiro still plans to continue with his mission, unwavered, and decided to have a deal with Samon instead, leaving Hakaze behind to die.


Mind totally blown? Yes, I feel you and this is just the 9th episode. Well, we already know how awesome Mahiro is and how Yoshino’s words (see featured line – ah no Hamlet featured line for today? Yes) amplified such statement. He doesn’t really care about anything or anyone in the current world where Aika doesn’t exist (though I doubt he doesn’t care about Yoshino by the way he protected him) as long as he achieve his own goal: to take revenge over Aika’s death. Well, with Hakaze dead, he decided to use the ultimate talisman that he’s holding to force a deal with Samon who can, obviously, be helpful to his search for Aika’s killer. Not that I hate the idea nor it was lame but I find it funny for Samon to help out Mahiro at this.

Do I really have to explain the whole Tree of Exodus and Tree of Genesis thing and which is actually right? I don’t even want to since the very beginning; this whole series is already a mess to actually think about the possibilities on which side is right or wrong. Although some parts of Yoshino’s theories revealed were already handful enough especially on the side of the Tree of Genesis (about how unfair it is to the Kusaribe Clan’s princess, which the tree sides with even though it is a tree that is supposed to be preserving the logic of the world). Well, we can still expect a lot of explanation (or maybe a clearer view of things) later on the series. I don’t even know if there is such “logic” in this world. All I see is that there’s alchemy (yes, I just made a joke).

Aika – OMG, YES. See? Did you just see that? Aika is not only playing the role of a dead person (nor being a replacement for Shakespeare). Rather than being curious about the Tree of Whatever, I am more curious on Aika. I’m not sure if she can predict the future based on the happenings around her or she can actually control the future to make it something that she’s seeing by words of a departed sister/lover. The words of the departed sure do make a great impact especially those from your loved ones. Aika’s words are no different and at ZnT’s current state, Aika’s words when she was still alive affects greatly with the world’s logic.

Okay, Yoshino and Mahiro’s fight – it should have been something to look forward to, really. Well, even if I know how close these two are, I also wouldn’t mind if these two would fight against each other just for Aika (like what happened to Hamlet lol – Aika is just… too awesome lol). This would be like… Ogami vs. Toki from Code: Breaker (manga version)! It could be an awesome fight. HAHA Then there’s Yoshino’s theory on how to revive Hakaze to the present: I don’t know. I have no clue or maybe the walky-talky is the clue. I haven’t really read Zetsuen no Tempest up so I seriously don’t have any idea on what is Yoshino’s mind from episode 7. Well, isn’t this a good thing? I do not have any more anguishing spoilers to hold back. LOL

Seriously, the end of the episode was epic when Hakaze mentioned that how the world’s logic just gotten out of hand just by the word “boyfriend”. ((I can actually relate to this since two of my close friends, who have known each other for more than three years, who fought over a guy, whom they have only met a few months ago. Lol))

PS: Damn I like this sexy Yamamoto woman and her humor for stealing Natsumura’s line of paying an unannounced visit. XD I look forward of seeing her more.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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