Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 7: First Kiss

“Purpose is but the slave to memory.

But what we do determine, oft we break.”

-Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 2


Yoshino and Mahiro got themselves rested inside a bus for the night, trying to ignore the cold weather of the winter season. At the same time, Hakaze tried to save her energy for the final battle that is yet to come (sleeping). While at this, Yoshino, who can’t shake off the memory of Aika, remembers the past.


So most of the scenes in this episode were flashback from where Aika is still alive. In this case, we can surely say that Mahiro does have romantic feelings for Aika and not just of that of a sibling should have. But because of their current situation, it is like Mahiro doesn’t have a choice but to suppress his feelings for the girl and instead, blindly covers his feelings with that of a big brother would. Let us just say that Mahiro is trying too hard to become the ideal big brother that Aika would like. LOL True that his revenge is the only thing he wants in the world now but I doubt it’s the only thing in his mind.

This look is just that of a person who knows a lot, you know.

Then we have Aika. She’s dead, seen and of course, proven. Normally, people would be bothered as to why a dead character such as Aika is always seen on the opening and ending songs. I know the OP and ED songs always give out a good and important role. For Aika to appear on both with the other three characters, it has already hinted the viewers that she will be having got to do with the series and not just as Yoshino’s girlfriend behind Mahiro’s back. Aside from Hakaze, who is also known to be dead as well, she has this stronger impact to both of our main characters in memory alone. You might want to call Aika as a fortune teller or she just think on things too logically enough that she would be partially right on things she says. You got to admire the girl’s guts though – always initiating the romantic parts in the relationship given that she’s a girl and a modest kind at that. Romantically, her character is a bit off balance but I like how she does see things her way. Especially when she said that Yoshino and Mahiro would have had a perfect relationship/friendship. Since the way I see it, those guys’ relationship is just beyond friendship.

C’mon, even at that dart, they both competed really quite well. XD And they were supposed to be on a double date and yet they both ignored the two girls. hahaha

Ah, yeah, poor girls.

Then there’s Yoshino, who is obviously very shy when it comes to the girl he likes. Not to mention he did say to Mahiro that dating a girl you don’t like is not the thing he wanted to do and then later says that sometimes, it is also bad to date the girl that you like because of the separation that you might encounter in the future and the feeling of emptiness when you know that s/he will no longer be by your side. His blushing side in this episode was often shown which I think pretty cute. I might want to add him up on my shota collection whenever he blushes. He also becomes really clumsy. XD

BTW, this scene is just so lovely with all those sun flowers. :D

Damn. Both Yoshino and Aika are just too good at hiding their feelings and emotions especially in front of Mahiro whom they both know so well and whom who knows them so well. For this to happen, I doubt Mahiro is not suspecting anything weird between them. It’s is impossible that he doesn’t.

Now, let’s see, the title of the episode is “First Kiss” but there was no kiss shown in here. Guess it then. XD


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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