Little Busters! Episode 8: Wafu~!


After seeing Kud manage to catch a frisbee, Riki decides to recruit her for the Little Busters, predicting correctly that she’d be skilled at baseball fielding with her catching skills. Later, they learn that Kud is looking for a roommate to help her get over her loneliness at her new school, and so Riki goes around asking various classmates who are currently boarding by themselves.


Hahaha I have no idea whether throwing Rin up to the third floor of a building is even possible in real life – or whether anyone would be crazy enough to attempt doing it. There was a minigame to throw Rin up like this actually, though I overshot past the building somehow after not timing the throw right with Masato and Kengo’s various arm strengths. Shame.

Anyway, it’s a break from Haruka this week, as we shift the focus to Kud, who is still looking for a roommate to ease her worries. It must be hard to fit into a new school especially as a foreigner, and the whole experience of constantly switching schools can’t have been easy for her, either. That’s why really shallow remarks from girls calling her a funny foreigner and laughing about no-one volunteering really irks me, and if the only people that will volunteer are bitches like them, then perhaps it’s better for Kud to stay by herself. How can they possibly slate such a cute girl? OTL I think she’s making attempts to get to know more people and fit in at least (unlike Rin’s everlasting shyness) though she needs to have more confidence in herself xD Kud seems to think that everyone’s rejecting her offer because they don’t like her, but I’m sure that Kurugaya at least is very much infatuated with her, and it’s Riki’s realization of her imouto complex that’s stopping this strange yuri pairing. As for the new girl introduced this week, Nishizono, we don’t know enough yet about her to properly build up an opinion – but she does have a nice umbrella xD And I agree, Fermat’s Last Theorem was a good book indeed.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Kud is actually really good at baseball – a diamond in the rough, as Kyousuke said. In comparison, most of other additions (i.e. Komari and Haruka) have nooooo idea what they’re doing, only that they’re there for some fun xD Kurugaya is just good at pretty much everything. No, let me take that back – the biggest surprise was that the “Ice Queen” Futaki Kanata supposedly has a heart, and offered to take in Kud as her new roommate. Maybe she’s not such a cold person after all, and might be someone friendly deep down, if she’s drawing a clear line between her work and personal life?



I love cute things.

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