Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 9: Dark Anomaly

“Wait for me.”


Hehehehehe, love is in the air~ It was floating around last week as well, but this week is the realization, which brings with it lots of feels xD It was pretty strange learning that Yuuta and Rikka have been apart ever since that night during summer, with Rikka ultimately so confused to the point that even Touka is worried because she’s acting even stranger than she usually does. I suppose that with the Ethereal Horizon search put as full priority, love isn’t something to even be considered at all…or is it? I love how Rikka never even thought that it might be her feelings in question, and instead leaving it to the Dark Flame Master to banish the “anomaly” that he’s affecting everyone with. Or rather, only Rikka and Dekomori are feeling it. And Dekomori is an idiot.

Of course, Shinka knows. Mori Summer always knows – even about Isshiki x Kumin, and I can safely say that she ships that pairing as well, with her subtly pairing them both together doing a favour for their sensei. To go to the extent of quitting the keion-bu to go after Kumin-senpai really proves Isshiki’s sincerity xD Though personally I’d stay with light music if the band members are anything like they are in K-ON! (it seems not for this show). Anyway, count on Shinka to lend a helping hand – notice how she’s gone from reluctant club member all the way to relationship manager, as well as the very non-chuunibyou expert of fortune telling xD I was thankful for the strong push she gave Rikka in openly telling her she was in love with Yuuta – for all we know, it could have taken ages for Rikka to eventually piece together the fact that it’s her emotions out of control, and even longer for her to realize it was love by herself. I mean…she tried to attack Yuuta in a forest with Dekomori at midnight when the full moon was out -_- Gotta love the umbrella though xD

I feel strange watching Rikka try to pluck up the courage to tell Yuuta how she feels – usually, it’s the other way round, and it’s the boy that has trouble confessing his feelings to the girl. To be honest, Yuuta had the right kind of idea, dismissing the thought of Rikka being in love with him completely due to her chuunibyou delusions. He came up with it as an answer to her weird behaviour ages ago, but just never considered it possible. With Rikka coming onto him determinedly now, maybe he’ll get the hint. That last scene – not a good thing for my heart at all. I must admit, I did consider the possibility of Rikka actually falling and for the drama meter to spike horribly, but Yuuta made for a wonderful knight in shining armour instead, and I loved how he caught her in a similar way to the first episode, where she came down that rope.

So, is it the festival next week – the Wicked Eye vs Dark Flame Master, or perhaps romantic development once more?


I love cute things.

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