BTOOOM! Episode 8: White Ghost

“You came to save me like a hero in a movie.” – Himiko


Saved from the mercenary, Himiko and Sakamoto decided to settle themselves in the abandoned building where Himiko just held captive. When both were sound asleep after the battle against another two persons, Himiko saw someone in white when she opened her eyes from a bad dream, resulting for a scream. Both scared and curious on whom it was, they decided to look for the person in question.


Before anything else, holy cow I just noticed this:

No more “almost-touched-her-pinky” moment. THEY HELD HANDS ON THE OPENING SONG. Okay, it’s me, overreacting, so don’t mind. LOL

So we get more romantic lines from this episode.  Sakamoto sure is a guy who would take online life seriously as well. He kind of reminded me of Natsume from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun with his line, “To me, my internet self was the real me.” You know, sometime ago (well, a few years back to be a little more specific about it) I also thought of the same thing – when you are so engrossed about your internet life more than your real life. So this is why I can somehow relate to Sakamoto. I also like how Sakamoto didn’t asked Himiko in-game what was the problem. YES, THAT IS A TRUE GENTLEMAN, OKAY, GET IS, GUYS?! See how happy and contented Himiko was with his answer, yes, all girls will love that. Plus, for him to risk his life onto someone whom he wasn’t been with was promising enough for me to like him despite being a jerk.

Himiko, on the other hand, was very overwhelmed by how worried was Sakamoto just for her. For her to be in tears would also say that she is in love with him, no doubt. She has her own reasons for not telling but of course, it won’t be long enough for Sakamoto to notice anyway, so let us just leave it at that.

It is seems Tyrannos Japan is enjoying the sight of people killing each other on that island and exporting 3D videos of the setting just to sell in the gaming industry. I must say, nice plan and effective in a way but really? Getting other people to play realistic game and telling the society that they are just 3D holographic images so those who were killed are not really dead in real while in fact they are not breathing anymore? IDK what this fatass is thinking and I don’t even want to know since what he is doing is totally wrong. CALL SAKURAKOUJI FROM CODE: BREAKER. WE HAVE A KILLER HERE. GIVE HIM A HUG!!! D8


Let us check the white lady that Himiko saw that night. Not to break it but she’s not a ghost and was a nurse before she was thrown into the island. It was also revealed that this death game in the island, where Sakamoto and the others are in, is the second one and there’s one that happened before or maybe more of them too. The white ghost, name’s Shiki, was one of the players that was left from the previous round before them and was spared when her left hand was cut off, giving away the chip. Also, it was revealed that when someone completes the 8 chips needed to get away from the island, there will be a helicopter to get the player; also that when one is still stuck in the island, one’s selfishness is being amplified (which was shown by other players in the island as well, betrayal and such). And this is what Shiki told Himiko. Actually, both Shiki and Himiko have bad experiences with men thus making both of them understand each other more than anyone, which is a good thing.

Well, with that additional information, Sakamoto had a plan to hijack the helicopter that is supposed to get the player who completed the chips. Good plan, nice image of how the things to go but rather one risking thing to do especially when the person who’ve completed the chips before, the doctor with Shiki, is still in the island, treating Taira’s cut hand and other injuries.

PS: BTOOOM!’s wedding feature is too cool! With all those too many players on the side and those sparkly fireworks. *Q*

THIS KIND OF WEDDING IS A MUST HAVE IN ALL ONLINE GAMES!!! Look at all those spectators!!! Look at all the lag you can get!!! D8


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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