Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Episode 22: The Final Ring


I think the title is a spoiler. Lol


With everything set, Klondike made his way to capture the trust of a lot of people in the guise of a person that sought equality among mankind. With this at hand, he is now on his final step for his plan to come into reality. A child of the Phi Brain at his side, Melancholy, and the data that he has gathered so far, he is now ready to take the final step and that’s where Kaito will come in.

Kaito, as one that almost reached the peak of the Phi Brain, is the only candidate for his plan to succeed. With data that is yet to be gathered, he challenged Kaito into a duel. Kaito, almost refused the offer but after knowing Freecell is under his custody, he fell into his obvious trap.


Where did Rook go?! *insert tears of despair* Okay, so Klondike plays the role of a kind aristocrat in front of a lot of people. They might be their sponsor or anything-goes-with-money to keep their ‘study’ about the rings successful with funds. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway since this series is ending soon, his little company will go down eventually. Lol

As expected from Klondike’s comment during the episode last week, Melancholy does have a genuine Orpheus Ring and she’s the only one from the Orpheus Order who does. It was proven by words and data that were checked by Cubic. Even Kaito and his company were having a hard time believing.

The party found out about Klondike’s plan: To be able to have his own Orpheus ring. He was the one who discover a genuine Orpheus ring but it didn’t choose him instead, it chose Melancholy. Although, Melancholy doesn’t have a selfish desire to become a Phi Brain, he decided to make use of such opportunity to create a ring which he can use to match the genuine one. Through this, Pinochle, Mizerka, Doubt, Freecell suffered from serious mental state as their test subject and not only that, managed also to get some data from other students from Rook Academy and also, Ana’s big sister.

The plan in mind, Kaito doesn’t want to forgive such person to play around with people, using them as test subject just to fulfill his own personal satisfaction. In fact, he wants to destroy his calculations right in the puzzle that they are fighting with.

Scene where the already-made maze is being applied to the field.

The puzzle is kind of interesting. It’s your normal maze puzzle but with just a small twist. The puzzle will be made by your opponent then you have to solve the puzzle set for you, blindfolded. Not really literally blindfolded but since you don’t see the ‘walls’ of the maze, it is the same as being blindfolded. So this made the usual maze hard to finish.

While Kaito was having a hard time dealing with the puzzle, Klondike was just shifting through the area like he already knows about Kaito’s puzzle and plus, his ring is not even activated yet. It was only later that Kaito realized that the puzzle made by Klondike for him was just some walls randomly placed in random sections and this explains why Kaito said that his puzzle is lifeless. (I personally would like Kaito’s ability to know about the person and his feeling when creating something when experiencing the thing that was created)

The “gathering of data” field of Klondike activated after he press on his remote.

Kaito did figure out Klondike’s puzzle but it led to his data, being gathered by Klondike’s ‘Final Ring’ and became activated. He didn’t care about the puzzle at all but cared about when Kaito will be at his brain’s peak.

Klondike is just obsessed, that’s all. Good thing Melancholy doesn’t really want to become a Phi Brain and her character is just cute as is. haha


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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