Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 2 Episode 23: Rings… that Produces Illusions

There are a lot of characters that appeared again in this episode~


Klondike, having completed the final ring, is now ready for his next step. Not ruling over the world but creating his, own, universe! But the POG doesn’t want him to get away with it that easily. With the help of Jikukawa, who’s finally back from his so-called vacation, Rook, Bishop, Pinochle, Doubt and the other people from POG, they initiated their attack to stop Klondike, capture him and destroy his final ring.


Surprise greeting from Cubic. Isn’t this such a cute scene? 8D

Am I the only one who senses the so much excitement in this episode? Seeing Jikukawa again makes everything so reassuring in Kaito’s side. I love how Cubic reacted on Jikukawa’s return. No matter how you look at it, it was good between Jikukawa and Cubic all along since they have been working together in almost all issues regarding the Orpheus Order (Phi Brain’s second season). Although Cubic’s ‘welcome back’ greeting was seriously something I didn’t expect given that it was out of character and it was just so touching. XD

With Jikukawa back on the party, he discussed about something he found out during his ‘vacation’ which was, he flew towards Crossfield Academy and made some investigation concerning the Order. I believe that what he did is seriously helpful, especially for Freecell’s salvation and of course, some additional information about what Klondike might probably plan for.

The disappearance of Pinochle and Doubt from the previous episode were for a plan that the POG, where Rook and Bishop explained to the group after. The two of them were infiltrating the Order’s main building to have a ‘catch me’ game with Klondike. Of course they were having trouble since Klondike’s train of thought is more advanced than any of the POG’s people who were in-charge of the attack but what made things worse was it went according to plan.

Okay, I find Freecell’s left eye pretty cool now but it makes him look weirder than ever!!! lol

Who’s plan? This is the actually twist on “God’s Calculation” which is the relation to the episode’s title, “God’s Miscalculation”. It wasn’t on Klondike’s plan, or the POG’s plan. Melancholy’s plan doesn’t even count as one but rather it was the captive’s, Freecell’s plan. This event made Klondike shake some fibers and pushed him to battle out with Freecell so he could escape the building and proceed with his plan. Apparently, Melancholy who doesn’t want anything to do with stuff that are not interesting to her was the first to give up and lead for the genuine ring’s destruction.

Poor Klondike on the ground with nothing left but serves him right! although he only appeared on a few episodes. HAHAHAHA

At the end of the episode, Pinochle contacted Kaito for a message that was being passed by Freecell himself. Freecell will be waiting for Kaito at God’s Puzzle.

It is sad that Klondike didn’t even last that much when he hasn’t been half with what he planned to begin with then defeated before he could even use the final ring to its fullest. It is also funny at the same time but as what Kaito had said, “There is no puzzle that I cannot solve.; even if that puzzle is fate, itself.”



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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