Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 2 Episode 21: The Return of another Puzzle

I have some disappointments in this. OTL


Mizerka and Doubt had already learned the truth behind their existence to Orpheus Order and about the rings that they are wearing. With this, they decided to help the Order no matter what and stay loyal and therefore ended up with challenging Kaito together with the purpose of collecting data and don’t even care if it is their last puzzle with the fake rings.

As Kaito had been challenging different Gusha Puzzles with the help of POG, by the level that he is now, he complained about how easy the puzzles are and demanded for more. Knowing about Kaito’s wishes, Doubt and Mizerka made their way to Root Academy to challenge the children of the phi brain once again.


I wanted more Rookaito but I guess I’ll have to settle for this episode somehow. D8 It just happens that Kaito took the rest of the Gusha Puzzles so easily. Not to mention, they are very dangerous and he looks bored somehow. Because of this, I get excited somehow onto how Kaito is going to face Freecell without a ring and become reaching the Phi Brain with rainbow sparkle in his right eye! I just do hope that his train of logic won’t be affected like what happened to Rook before and all of the other victims of the Orpheus rings (true or fake).

Doubt and Mizerka – I sense some great love interest here. I went crazy when Doubt followed Mizerka’s wish to say “Come with me.” Haha It is rather out of character for Doubt to be in love but somehow, with Mizerka, I do not really find it weird at all! Although I do feel sorry for them that even though they found out that they are only experimental subjects, they still want to collect data for the Order themselves and stay loyal. They are like dogs. Lol

The puzzle. I HAVE TO MENTION THIS BECAUSE. The puzzle has already appeared in the first season. Same with this episode, Gammon was also the one who made the puzzle only with a different concept or way of playing. The first one was you can either take 1-3 poles at a time but in this new one, you should take 1 row (means 3 poles) in one go. It made the whole thing faster and since they are playing this 2-2, it was faster than ever! But I personally think it was fun (disregarding the danger of falling if you fail from a height). Even though the puzzle is somewhat recycled, I am very happy to see Kaito and Ana working together again as a team. BUT I WANT MY ROOKAITO LOL

When the puzzle was over and that Mizerka and Doubt had failed to defeat Kaito and Ana, it was then that Mizerka’s true feelings was said. Not that they want to be loyal to the Order but on Mizerka’s side, she just wanted to be needed – or rather she needed to be needed by other people and she was glad that Doubt did need her. She didn’t want to stay in the Order and with this, Doubt also opened up his heart to what he truly wanted. He wants to enjoy more puzzles as well. With these statements, Pinochle, who they thought is already dead, invited them into their group of friends to enjoy more puzzles in the future.

And about Melancholy, it is seems that this episode revealed that she is the one holding the real Orpheus ring. By the way Klondike treats her and by the way she is so confident about her status, it was close to possible to deduce that she has the real thing. So this actually really explains as to why she is so carefree while the others are so desperate to know the truth since she already knows the truth. So the cute girl gets the real thing after all. lol

The good thing is, the place of the puzzle on POG’s assistance, their rings couldn’t send out any information outside the place to “collecting data” was impossible for them. But I think they are happy about that fact as well.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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