Kokoro Connect Episode 9: Calm Before the Storm

“Judging from your current state of mind, if your little group falls apart…you’ll try to destroy the world.” 

P.S. Fuck you Heartseed.


Taichi decides to man up and apologize, reassuring Iori, who has been trying her hardest to get everyone back together. In turn, Aoki reveals that he wanted to apologize all along as well, and together they bring Yui back to school, with her strong desire not to hurt anyone protecting her from doing any more damage. Meanwhile though, Heartseed visits Himeko at home, and makes light of her love for Taichi, encouraging her to expose to the rest of them during their trip…


Oh god. Next week’s Kokoro Connect will be intense. Not like the rest of the show hasn’t been, of course, but compared to the others this episode was pretty mild. I’m glad Taichi finally realized the error of his ways, and has started to change. Having him so blatantly point out all his misdeeds was rather shocking, given his old hard-headedness, but it’s a good thing that he’s aware of his old personality and what he needs to learn. This is the thing about the current “problem” they’re facing – if they can overcome it, they all come out the other end as better people.

The Yui x Aoki feelings were strong tonight xD I’d missed seeing Yui around, and especially as she was the first one to go, we haven’t seen her for ages. I’ve noticed how she’s subtly stopped rejecting Aoki’s feelings for her, and now just looks away awkwardly ^^ I really want this pairing to become canon, it’s really sweet and the road towards it is less angsty than the rest of the possible ships. Also, I’ll just leave this here.

Right, let’s talk about Himeko. I’ve heard some LN readers say that this Kizu Random arc focuses on her, and now I see why. Himeko is socially active enough not to have problems at school, but inwardly has no trust, and thus no real friends. Similarly, in this case she’s active enough not to get Heartseed’s attention, but still avoids club and thus, avoids the possible problem of having her desires unleashed. Heartseed, being the all-knowing bastard he is, knows this perfectly well, as well as Himeko’s desire to maintain the atmosphere of friendship she has with the club. It’s true she’s rather uptight, but she’s a nice person, and to fuck around so badly with her like that isn’t what she deserves at all. Himeko’s love for Taichi will destroy Nagase, which will destroy the group. In turn, as Heartseed says, Himeko will destroy the world. Her selflessness in actually being okay with hiding her feelings for Taichi for the sake of everyone else is really admirable, and it’s disgusting that Heartseed is out to expose it to entertain himself. …Though Taichi, I’d totally go for Himeko if I were you xD

Shit will hit the fan for sure next week, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I want to stick around for it or not.


I love cute things.

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