Kokoro Connect Episode 11: Time Alter


Wasting no time jumping straight into the next arc, huh? Apparently, it’s the Kako Random arc, the one focusing on Yui much like how Kizu Random last time had a Himeko focus. Complete with a new ED! Though I won’t be as understanding if Yui does end up falling for Taichi, as I think Taichi x Himeko has made fair progress today. Anyway, this is the first time Heartseed has caused actual physical changes to happen, and everything else has been mental so far, meaning that it’ll be much easier for people to realize something isn’t right. And that change is…messing around with time.

Realizing that, and the fact that the arc will have a Yui focus makes me think immediately of her past and issues which caused her to develop androphobia. They are forced to confront their past every time they revert, making it hard for each one of them, who seem to have been as messed up in the past as they were back at the start of the show. Again, it’s likely for Yui to end up stronger mentally on the other side of the incident – if she survives through it that is.

As side stories we have incidents with the other club members, including Iori acting up again, in terms of her masks and mental guards. We also have Aoki and his past, with a girl named Nishino Nana. Putting two and two together was easy once he mentioned how similar Yui was to her – and now I’m sure everyone is questioning exactly how much love Aoki actually has for Yui. Having just watched KoiChoco, Aoki subconsciously replacing his past love with Yui is a possible but unwanted situation, since at times he’s really shown that he cares for her.

Baby Himeko was adorable, and my annoyance at Heartseed died a little after seeing her looking all innocent. Or Heartseed No. 2, rather. It was even creepier than the teacher to have this second alien pose as Taichi’s imouto, as well as explain the 12-5 phenomenon to him. The threat on Taichi to not mention Heartseed No. 2’s appearance pretty much dooms Taichi to watch first-hand as his friends get into all sorts of trouble. But is it real? The previous Heartseed would treat it as a harmless game, and knows his limits to an extent – but it sure was threatening to never have the incident end.


I love cute things.

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