Campione! Episode 9: Liliana in Love

“Don’t worry about Godou. He won’t die from a minor thing like being killed (:”


Campione! was really interesting this week. I actually really enjoyed it for once. Maybe it’s just because I’m watching (and blogging) it when I’m properly awake, but the show’s proven to me that it’s not bad even outside of the action and fighting. Coincidentally, there was no Erica or Mariya this ep either xDD

Athena is so amazing <3 She’s a really interesting neutral character, both in terms of allegiances as well as her relationship to Godou. Well, rather she doesn’t fangirl over him like everybody else does. She might just be letting Godou fight Perseus so she herself doesn’t have to run the risk of getting defeated, but there’s definitely an element of allowing Godou to train, what with the unusual interest a god has in a Campione, who literally threaten the existence of gods. Salvatore has that kind of idea as well, even if his method is completely unplanned. Despite Liliana’s warnings to how bargaining with a rogue god may cost you your life, I don’t think Athena’s a bad person. Even a rogue god wouldn’t want to kill Godou for no reason especially after he spared her life back in their last fight – rather, she’s in his debt. Well, I want her to stick around, if she’s going to continue offering hot yuri fanservice xD

Liliana is heading straight down the fangirl path, though she is still keeping her cool at times. She definitely gets the wrong idea all the time, and I can only hope that she had to do none of that for Duke Voban while she served him, because her loyalty doesn’t give her the chance to opt out of any order. And we got a hint of it during the Voban fight, but who knew Liliana wrote romance novels? xD Subtly hidden under a Bronze Black Cross logo, and a very girly thing to do indeed. You know what, I think it’s all the maid’s fault. Everything about Liliana is most likely a result of the maid’s Remon-like actions. Dat smile…

The concept of all the different gods is slightly confusing me at the moment, and I know there were a few hints given by both Athena and Liliana on the key to defeat Perseus, though I didn’t really try to decipher any of them. We’ll find out in due course, anyway. And what’s up with the imouto-like Pandora that Godou meets every time he dies?


I love cute things.

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