Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Episode 20: Yay!!! Gusha puzzle!

I seriously miss these kinds of puzzles in this series. 8D Plus, long review because this episode is so interesting!


If you have watched the first season, you would know right away that this is POG’s main office. :)

Kaito, being challenged by the thought that one day, Freecell, who already reached the level of a Phi Brain using a fake ring, will challenge him into a puzzle someday, decided to make himself stronger (puzzle-wise). So he asked Rook for help and takes him where a Gusha puzzle (will explain about this bellow for first timers or to those who doesn’t know about it) is.

Knowing the danger, Rook agreed as he is on Kaito’s side and he understands Kaito’s point where both of them already experienced the bad side of being able to reach the point of a Phi Brain. Since the setting is settled, Kaito faced another Gusha puzzle where danger is everywhere.


Kaito, when he realized that if he steps into the floor where the statues are facing, the solid floor will collapse. Danger is a Gusha puzzle’s main feature, after all.

For the new viewers (especially if you haven’t watched the first season or the first episode), a Gusha puzzle is a puzzle created to kill anyone who attempts to solve it without even reaching the puzzle’s standards. For example, I am new to puzzles and am very weak against it or I solve puzzles too long and understand them in long periods of time, I won’t be able to survive in a Gusha puzzle. In addition, a Gusha puzzle is different to a Sage Puzzle (which was commonly used in season 1), which is a puzzle that is used to protect a treasure. Although Sage Puzzles are used to protect, the past POG used them to kill which made some confusion between Sage and Gusha puzzles.

It has been a while since I last saw a Gusha puzzle in this series. It first appeared on episode 15++ on the first season when Kaito and Rook took on a puzzle for the first time after being separated for so long. It also appeared on the first episode of the second season where they solved it hilariously. I know the puzzle is very dangerous but then it’s a good trick to the brain as well; although the episode didn’t elaborated the puzzle that much but it was okay. Kaito was cool solving it. And as Rook mentioned, Kaito is supposed to have a ring when challenging a Gusha puzzle but he can solve it now without the help of the ring. 8D

The start of the episode showed Kaito having dreams. But in the end he realized it wasn’t a dream but what he saw was the future. So this is one exciting part about this series. And I’m thinking something like, “Kaito can become Phi Brain without an orpheus ring!” It’s a very strong feeling so I hope he does and beat the crap out of Freecell and his insanity. Also since Cubic had some proof that Kaito experienced something during his dream that was the same thing when he was reaching Phi Brain.

Klondike’s first appearance in the series.

Klondike-sama finally appeared!!! This evil guy… I wonder what he will do with Freecell now that he knows tat Freecell turned a fake into a real thing or rather Freecell is just a natural genius to be able to reach the Phi Brain with just a use of a replica ring. D8 And I have this itchy feeling about Hoist and all. I know he is a mysterious guy but I’m already too curious to know about what he is thinking and what he is planning. Also, it is seemed that Mizerka and Doubt are now having a brainstorm session about what’s happening to the order and if they really do have the real rings or the fake ones. This is getting chillyyyy!!! For some reason, I also sense something on Melancholy. She acts childish, but there really is something in her mind that is not shown yet. Surprise me well, NHK! 8D


I am also glad to see Rook and Bishop back on the scene again! Well, of course since Rook is now leading the POG (again after so long). And I’m so glad I got to see Kaito and Rook on one scene as well and it was dark and gives every fujoshi fan some thoughts that – never mind. Lol

You know, for someone as Rook, I am really glad that Kaito was able to save him from the ring. I mean their friendship and their strong bond together when solving puzzles even though they were apart and how the two of them experienced the same thing when they were separated. So please excuse me when I get excited on seeing both of them together.

Also I have this freaking question in mind after watching the episode. Freecell mentioned that he knows everything. He knows the future and he knows everything that Hoist is planning and that they have the same intention. Okay, so I thought the Phi Brain can only solve the future but for other details as well like the past? Since it was mentioned that Freecell knows what Hoist is planning and everything Hoist knows, he knows. So he’s like a time traveler in this sense? The first season only showed the ability of a Phi Brain to see the future so I was a little freaked out when Freecell said those things and that FREECELL CAN ACTUALLY CONTROL THE RING?

During Kaito’s experience back from the first season, Kaito had a hard time getting the ring to work with him and that he can’t control it as well. But as for Freecell, he can turn the ring’s effect off with his will and I don’t think he is suffering when seeing the future unlike what Kaito had. But of course, maybe it’s because Freecell has a fake ring? D8

I’m personally excited on the next episode since Rook mentioned he will help Kaito get stronger and will come with him to solve puzzles. SO MORE ROOKAITOXPUZZLE TIME OH YEAAAHHHH!!! 8D Also, I want to mention this. The little play on Mizerka and Doubts Preview voices was sooo funnyyyy… hahahahaha YOU ARE SO PWEEETTYYYY MIZERKAAA HAHA


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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