Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Episode 18: Double Rings


It’s Herbet’s time to show off… again!!!


Kaito and the group, who had some information from Pinochle about the Orpheus Order’s hideout, went to their castle head on. Knowing this, Herbert decided to welcome his guests in a fabulous way… a complicated puzzle.

Knowing the mechanics and the conditions were fine, but things just got serious and went into another level knowing that there’s a trick in the puzzle. Good thing Kaito figure out about the trick and was able to get through the puzzle with ease. Then Herbert became berserk and changed some of the mechanics and challenged Kaito into a 3-minute comeback.


I was reminded of my last semester’s finals exam because of this puzzle. It had the same essence, actually so it was rather familiar to me. I even got as far as solving it on my own up until the trick to the puzzle was realized. Well, that one was not realized by me so I was a little down to see a puzzle I know went into a puzzle I don’t know anymore. Lol

And damn Yoshio-san. He’ treated as a human in this game! But thanks to him, Kaito went well in the puzzle. I kind of like how Yoshio was given importance in this episode. He also got his own dog tag for the game!

When I saw Herbert’s two eyes glowed, I was like, “I thought Kaito was the only one with a unique eye glowing in this series…” I know that he had rings in both hands but still, two eyes glowing at the same time was actually pretty cool. Though that didn’t change the fact that Kaito’s is different since it was on his right eye.

And when you thought everything went well, serious things just got started after Herbert was already unable to control his self since it was completely devoured by the two replica rings he worn.

Now I’m actually very excited about the next episode! Seeing the preview was such a bad thing to do in my case.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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