Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Episode 17: A lie which can be the truth

I had some trouble with one line that Ana gave in this episode… =.=


After using Ana’s sister and yet failed, the order is again on their plan on how to defeat Kaito in a puzzle. This time, it was Pinochle who asked permission to challenge Kaito head on because of what he did to Freecell, lying and breaking his promise then killing Freecell’s mother.

Kaito, as a person who wouldn’t leave any puzzles, unsolved, obviously went on and accepted the challenge with a condition that if ever he wins, Pinochle has to reveal what is the mystery behind Kaito’s breaking his promise to Freecell and Freecell’s mother’s death.

Or so they would think it would go that way but until Pinochle reveal the puzzle and how the looser must face death in the challenge.


I still seriously don’t get why the Orpheus Order would want to defeat Kaito and kill him through puzzles and all. I mean, you can just get a gun and shoot right through him any time and many other times! Still, maybe it’s because they are so loyal to Orpheus about this and that and everything around them revolves around puzzles.

Well, as expected, because Pinochle’s arm band was upgraded, he got more insane than he did but then, not became that good on solving puzzles. The lead he had on Kaito was just because he said something to Kaito again that has shaken up his mind. So I wouldn’t really call the upgrade of the arm band that useful at all.

“No matter how I did it, a sin is a sin!” Kaito said after some time thinking and then blasted off his puzzle maniac side and he was like “I’LL TAKE THIS PUZZLE, AND SOLVE IT!” The scenes where he was solving a series of levels of the puzzle were like when Light Yagami (Death Note) was eating his potato chips. XD I kind of laughed after seeing him go through levels with such poses and being so cool.

Then, Ana’s line came through. “It’s a lie which can be the truth.” He said this while everybody was thinking if what Pinochle said about Kaito, telling lies and saying bad things about a person when he was young, is true or not. It was only later that it was revealed that all actions were true but the person who did it was a lie and it wasn’t Kaito. I just had to bang my head on the table just to freaking understand what he meant and good thing I continue watching instead. XD

Pinochle returned to normal and Hoist, who is, I believe, one of the key characters in the future episodes concerning Klondike, decided to tell Herbert that Pinochle died during the challenge against Kaito. The order’s resolve to defeat Kaito became even stronger.

Extra screen shots:


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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