Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 2 Episode 19: The Future


After the whole underground puzzle that Herbert prepared as a welcome gift to Kaito and company started collapsing because of his uncontrollable double ring, both Nonoha and Qubic was able to find their selves alive. Knowing that both Ana and Gyammon are also okay and kicking, they searched for Kaito who fell deep into a hole and is buried over by debris. It was said that they can at least go to Kaito using the route at the other side which Nonoha decided to take and left Qubic save Ana and Gyamon.

On the other side, Nonoha end up seeing a puzzle instead. And it’s because she’s not used into puzzles and doesn’t really know what to do, she decided to go over the puzzle instead but Freecell appeared on the scene and said it’s impossible. On the contrary, because Freecell doesn’t know how the whole puzzle looks like because its huge, Nonoha offered her help and in return he must save Kaito. And so, the Nonoha x Freecell Puzzle team was created.


So… Nonoha and Freecell puzzle team! Don’t mind if I agree! Sometimes, I do wish that Nonoha would seriously solve a single puzzle. I sense this very big potential in her but maybe in most circumstances, I would rather Nonoha to stay away from puzzles as much as possible. But to see Freecell with Nonoha, solving a puzzle was really new to the sight and for Freecell to open up a little to Nonoha even though he said he doesn’t need to since they are not friends.

About the puzzle, I kinda like how the thing is made. Setting up aside that the whole thing is just so huge, I like how Freecell would just push one wall so smoothly and it would go the way he wanted it to be. I imagine it to have rollers and such. LOL

Ring-wise, I see this rainbow glow in Freecell’s left eye. Although it seem weird and the glow of his ring is the same, I guess that’s the thing that actually blocked or replaced his memory during his childhood that he would go and blame Kaito into everything that have happened to him so far. But after some confusion were answered, like how Freecell hated his mother and that Kaito’s breaking the promise was totally unrelated to his mother’s death and other minor things.

Also, one fault in this is that it was Melancholy and the others who actually recruited Freecell to the Orpheus Order. As might have been shown in the earlier episodes, I thought that Freecell and the other members of the Order already known each other since they were kids and that they all hated Kaito because of his super talented puzzle-solving brain. There are a lot of information that was revealed on this episode especially when Freecell told Hoist that the fake that he’s wearing turned into the real thing when in the previous episodes, Hoist said that Freecell has the original and that the other Order members only has fakes.

Okay, it is seem that I have been watching a series full of lies. LOL although, well, yes, the mystery is kind of making me want to watch the next episodes to come.

Based on episode 20 previews, I sense this awesome moment for Rook to appear. IDK but since he and Bishop were narrating the preview, I kind of thought they would appear again.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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