Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai episode 6: The Sword is Whole


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So much bullshit this episode. Look, I understand this show is just an ecchi-fest and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. I understand that there will never be an interesting story. Still, I would hope that the story, even if shallow, could make sense and actually sound legit. When Ryosuke’s mom is talking about her father, I feel like I’m watching a retcon story. It is the very first time we are learning the truth about his father, you can tell us anything you want. We never knew anything about his parents. Why, oh why, must you go and tell us that the father was not, in fact, dead and instead he just went missing. The story was so ridiculous and stupid that I just facepalmed and nearly broke my neck from the impact.

Either way, now we know (like we didn’t already) that the sword is complete and inside Ryosuke. That super sword from the God of War that is meant to destroy all evil, mouhahaha. I never get in the story too much with those shows, most likely because the story usually suck and doesn’t make sense. So the only important thing I take note from that fact that Ryosuke has the sword is this : He now has more value than before and therefore better chance to sleep with Lisara. I believe this is the only thing that truly matters in this kind of show, also maybe the fact that now he has some kind of super power too and he feels like a super hero, but since he is a guy, I could care less if he is powerful or not. The important thing in Boku-H is whether the girl will be naked and tentacle raped or not. Everything else is only of second interest.

Kyuru is having a fun time trying to impress Ryosuke, but she is doing it really wrong. She must already know that the guy is a big pervert. From there it isn’t that hard to figure out how to make him hard. Therefore, miss Kyuru simply has to play it slutty and she will get in Ryosuke’s pants really easily. The guy is desperate and a big pervert, if you just gave him a chance he will go for you right away. Hell, Ryosuke is so busy getting into Lisara’s pants that he even forgot he was going to die soon. Who seriously forget about their incoming death?

Now at least something new is happening, we have a princess in distress that has been captured. The helpless Mina (who also happen to have huge boobs) has been captured and she is now prisoner in the underworld ! What a terrible fate, now Ryosuke and Lisara will most likely head there and try to find her and save her and that should be the next 6 episodes or so. I’m looking forward to all the boobs they will encounter along the way.

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