Campione! Episode 7: The Harem Path


Godou continues fighting Voban, who ends up having his wolf Authority defeated when Mariya reveals to Godou that its identity is the Sun God Apollo. Erica manages to make Liliana defect, and together they stand against Voban’s servants, whom Godou does not know enough about to defeat until Mariya kisses him, giving him all the knowledge he needs.


Yes, if it’s one thing Godou has to improve on, it’s to stop destroying so many tall buildings (or wrecking the nearby landscape in general). That, and to keep a check on his harem of course. It’s official now, with Mariya having kissed him openly to conveniently provide information, and Erica kissing him soon after with no shame at all.

It’s very cliché, and the producer clearly had no qualms about blatant openness compared to subtlety, like you’d usually see with other harem shows. At least others mainly imply there’s a harem, and there’s a strong female lead. Heck, even Zero no Tsukaima ended with a happy vanilla pairing. Someone should really swap Godou with Sugisaki from Seitokai no Ichizon, who would be more than happy to experience the life of a pimp for real. Lili’s set to join too, from her fangirl expressions in the OP. Speaking of Liliana, that was far too quick a defection. It literally took her a few seconds to decide to abandon Voban and join Godou instead, with a push from Erica and her info about Lili’s love novels. Hidden fangirl side, check! I can’t blame her though – it’d be beyond hard to fangirl about anything in front of Voban and his undead army.

Surprisingly, Voban kept his word. He didn’t get pissed off as much as excited over the fact that Godou was a match for him, and still survived even after having two of his Authorities done away with by the golden sword. With a power like that, the ideal would be to take the Authority of some unknown god, and use it instead of killing a god who every third person on the street would know the name of. Like many of Godou’s other fights, this one could be argued as a cheap win, much like all the other ones (now I think the fight with Salvatore was not as spectacular as hinted) which ended in a kiss of knowledge plus Unlimited Blade Works.

Remember I mentioned how it was cliché just now? Well, it’s beach time next xD


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