Arcana Famiglia Episode 9: The Wheel of Fate is Turning

You are the World, and the World is you…


An emergency is called in Arcana family as Mondo falls ill. The Arcana cards that do not have a host derive their power from “The World,” who in this case, is Mondo. Jolly has been trying to find hosts to lighten the load on Mondo, but so far, he has only three successes. Pace, Luca, and Debito were bonded to their cards at a young age the last time Mondo fell ill, but later attempts failed time after time. Jolly then invested time in creating “homunculus” to bond with cards, and so far, the child he has been caring for has been able to bond with “The Tower” card. Felicita is at loss as to how to help her father, until Jolly suggests that she use her other card power, the “Wheel of Fate.” Felicita has bonded with not one, but two cards.


Continued from the last few episodes, the child that Jolly has been caring for is explained to be a homunculus. It’s kind absurd, but it makes a lot of things clearer. Jolly’s actions make a lot more sense, as he is not exactly a father to the boy…more like a caretaker to a pet. The touch of the weird really has derailed this show, and the concept of multiple Arcana powers just breaks the fairness balance.

Mondo contracted with “The World” in order to protect his family, and Jolly is the only one that knows the full story at this point. Where the the story is supposed to line up is that Mondo must compensate for the othercards that do not have contracts, but wouldn’t the initial contract with “The World” card have killed him, since the other cards had not have been contracted with yet. Though, it does make it possible for Felicita to have two cards. She barely has control over one power, and doesn’t know how to operate her second card, which is the “Wheel of Fate.” I guess it has the power to change “fate” or turn back time? This makes it an extremely unfair card, much like Liberta. The only think keeping the characters from using their powers to the maximum and breaking the equal balance between each Arcana contractor is the fact they’re all inexperienced.

Felicita used her power unconsciously to save her mother when she was very young. However, this resulted in a loss of memory, but Felicita was supposedly well aware that she possessed this second set of powers. The loss of memory only involved that incident, and not like the incident where Liberta destroyed his orphanage…I guess Liberta got the full treatment of having his memory suppressed because they already figured out how much of a dunce he was.

In terms of the ethics of creating “humans” for the purpose of containing contracts, it’s no secret that Jolly doesn’t really care for it. Jolly may have a cold exterior at first glance, but he seems to be doing this for the sake of Mondo.

Mondo is the balance of power in the family, but what happens if he dies, rather than giving up power after the Arcana Duello? And wouldn’t he himself need to take part? BUT HE’S MARRIED, SO OBVIOUSLY NOT.

Though, Mondo is a lot more interesting when he was younger.



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