Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Episode 16: Sparkle of Freedom


Orpheus Order, after being defeated on puzzle challenges they have issue from the previous episodes, had another person to call to challenge Kaito and his friends again. This time, she’s someone significant to Ana which the problem became serious.

Eve hated Ana because she had always blamed Ana for loosing her dream to become a great painter someday which resulted for her revenge to Ana and to make her stop painting. She also hated Kaito and his friends for stealing her little brother away from her so she challenged Kaito into a picture puzzle, which is harder than the usual jigsaw puzzle and where Ana’s arms and carefree life are on the line!


Thankfully, for such a very serious episode where an artist would really totally relate to the things that’s happening, there’s this opening part which contains a lot of humor for all ages. Kaito, posing as Ana’s subject, and seeing what Ana drew from his pose was totally hilarious. But looking at the painting in an artist’s point of view, it was really beautiful (Although I’m not a great artist to say it but it was really beautiful and creative on my point).

I’m not really a fan of Eve but after knowing that Ana, a boy who dresses up like a girl, had a big sister, I really wanted to see her in the series. This episode granted my wish! Although, Eve is miserable, this made the whole thing serious.

I also wanted to emphasize about Ana’s ability to see the picture even though it’s separated into pieces and is scattered on the floor and how funny it was that Kaito hesitated on solving the puzzle because of Ana’s feelings even though he knew about Ana’s ability. lol

One message in this episode was the usual thing that happens in life. About a master, teaching his apprentice and then later the apprentice becomes someone better than the master which results to the master giving up from what he wanted to do. This thing between Ana and Eve is really nice and precious as I’ve seen. The relationship between Ana and his big sister is really, really interesting to watch.

I seriously cried when Ana cried to Kaito and saying that she knew that Eve will never paint again and that Eve lied to Ana for trying to paint again. Ana’s line in this scene crushed my heart with ache. I also wanted to see Eve paint again like what she did when they were young but maybe because of too much depression since Ana gradually improved in painting made her not to do anymore. =(


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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