Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! episode 3: Super Teasing Time



Is it me or there was thousand times more ecchi than usual this episode? I understand that it is pretty much the story of the show to be full of ecchi and girl ready to throw themselves at a guy. Yet, I would like it if Shougo had at least a little difficulty getting the girls. Who hasn’t been in school for more than a month and he already has two of them sleeping half-naked in his bed with him.

What’s more, he was caught and now everyone is certain that he has a sister complex, but those girls are not your regular tsundere girl from other anime, oh no. Instead of freaking out and calling him a pervert, they instead try to play with his fantasy and turn him on. What kind of girl does that ! I mean, some girls do, but never before there was something going on between the two. That guy is so lucky that I just want to punch him in the face, and even then he would be luckier than I am.

But those girl don’t even stop there, they make sure he gets horny as hell because of what they feed him and after they proceed to speak loudly in the shower to make sure he is so turned on that he won’t be able to hold back anymore. I don’t know if these girl realize it, but if it was not for Shougo’s extreme control and the fact that he is afraid that one of them is his sister, he would have raped both of them right on the spot. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have tried to make it enjoyable for everyone either. After so much teasing, they had it coming.

I wish I could have seen that scenario, where Shougo breaks and rape them both on the spot, just to see the two girls face when they realize just how dangerous a really horny guy can be. They were playing with something they don’t understand just yet and there could have been blood.

All this happened because everyone thinks Shougo is gay. Which might very well have played in his advantage if the guy had simply played along. He could have had all the ladies as friend and no one would have been heartbroken about it. After all, if he is gay, there simply isn’t much they can do. But no, Shougo had to make it as if he is more bisexual than gay and now the girls won’t stop chasing him around.

But now he has done it, he did the most despicable thing he could have done. He made Miyabi cry. How insensitive of him. I don’t care if you are afraid that your younger sister wants to marry you or not, you shouldn’t make a girl cry, even if she really is your sister, you have no right has her big brother to do something like that. I sure hope he will do something to make up for it in the next episode, otherwise I’ll wish him a slow and painful death.

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