Campione! episode 3: Athena and her Doomsday Device


Sup, just to let you know that you are carrying the device that will be responsable for the end of the world. I felt like it would be good information for you to know. Erica is such a bitch. She claims that she loves Godou, but in the end she gives him a magical doomsday device and she doesn’t say a word about it. At least Mariya is there to save Godou from a humiliating death when he would have faced Athena without him knowing the reason why.

I mean, he doesn’t have any pressure here after all,  the fate of the world rest upon his shoulders, no sweat. He doesn’t even know what his title and rank implies, he doesn’t know how the world really works, he has not mastered any of his powers yet. But Godou now has the fate of the world on his shoulders. Now we all know who to blame if we happen not to have a tomorrow.

But instead of saving the day Godou is too busy kissing little lolly. I don’t care if Athena is million of years old, she looks like a 6 years old. That is pedophilia right there. Greeks were real fan of that stuff anyway, but even if Athena is the one who  made the first move, it was Godou’s responsibility to tell her it was bad and not to take advantage of her.

When you get send into court, they won’t listen to excuses like “She really is over 18 I swear” or ” She used magic to force me into kissing her…with the tongue even !”.  All they will see is a perverted pedophile boy who took advantage of a , sinister, young girl. At the very least Godou was instantly punished for what he did, that kissed was fatal. The show tried to explain it this way : Athena kissed him and told for his soul to go into oblivion. But what really happen is this : Athena (the little prepubescent girl) kissed Godou and because of how wrong that is, Godou’s heart instantly stopped and he died.

It is a little ridiculous when you think about it that Godou is getting used to dying, he died for the second time at that time and he came back to life once again. No wonder he doesn’t take anything seriously, he is more immortal than the god he killed to gain his powers. Even better, he is able to learn so many things just by kissing a beautiful italian girl. Just how lucky can that guy be? Immortality and he gain knowledge from kissing pretty girl, I want that power too !

But knowledge and pretty girl might not be enough to save him, because the show ends and the sky is turning dark. When the very sun turns to a nightmarish vision of darkness, you know shit is about to go down.

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