Arcana Famiglia Episode 5: LIMONE PIE!!!

I want a slice of that…

Summary: A robber gets caught, the mafia fight each other over Felicita’s limone pie, Nova is forced to ingest chickpea soup.


This week was another episode delving into the back story of one of the Arcana, and this time was Nova’s turn. He’s actually the first cousin to Felicita (his dad is Mondo’s brother, supposedly), and he’s a lot better developed in this world despite his personality. Compared to Liberta, I think his story is more believable. Liberta is an escaped orphan with a forgotten past, which attributes to his carefree attitude prior to getting his memories back; Nova is constantly weighed down by his actions in the past, which makes him seem conservative in attitude. Very emo-like, but he makes up for it in the way he cares for Felicita, in an off-hand manner.

We learn in this episode that Nova had come to the family (Papa/Mama/Felicita) as the only child of his parents. His parents had originally plotted to use him to overthrow the Arcana family, and in order to thwart that, his used his “Death” Arcana powers to put them to sleep, whether intentionally or not. The strangest part was that despite all the men jockeying to win the Arcana Duello, Nova has so far been the only one that has acknowledged the possibility of this being a test for Felicita to be the next head. In fact, the way he’s actually supposed to be betrothed to her makes things just a little bit more complicated, and Nova hasn’t succumbed to an inflated head yet from that. Did I mention how tsun-tsun this guy is? It’s a bit cute compared to Liberta, now that Liberta has gone to emo-land lalala~

To thank Nova for teaching her about patrolling with the “Holy Grail” fraction, Felicita asks Luca how to make a certain kind of food as thanks. The chickpea soup joke was hilarious, since Nova HAD to eat it because his beloved Felicita made it just for him…such is the trials of love! XD You gotta endure it, if you want have a chance against  Liberta this time around…

The episode was rather poorly wrapped up with the overlying thread of the stolen wallet in the mafia gambling den. There was definitely a lot of emphasis on the struggles by each character to continue to grow and develop, but at the same time, it’s just a giant mess of  half-hearted jokes, normal words turned Italian (“Giaponne samurai”), and episode upon episode of Pace’s quest for lasagna/limone pie.


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