Amagami SS+ plus Episode 11: Sexy

Two of them! Wow…



Haruka talks with Hibiki about her dream for Junichi to propose to her during her graduation day, as Haruka’s grandparents and cousin Jessica got their proposals in the same way. Jessica turns up in Japan for Haruka’s graduation ceremony, and hints to Junichi that Haruka is lonely~ Seemingly not catching the point even after a mock wedding, Junichi invites Haruka to his house, at a time when they’ll have the house to themselves.


I find my loyalty to Ai-chan questioned You can immediately tell the difference between this episode and Sae’s arc when you have a love interest as exciting as Morishima Sexy Haruka-senpai! Well okay, it’s her cousin Jessica that has Sexy for a middle name (no, seriously) but they both mix English into their Japanese, which isn’t too bad considering I can understand all of it. Unlike some shows, where I need the sub to understand the Engrish *cough Symphogear cough* Blonde Miya was hilarious, I can kinda imagine an English version of her going nishishi~

What I really enjoyed was Haruka’s personality – there’s just something with going out with such a unique that seems so much more interesting. And with Haruka, it feels like she’s really going out with Junichi on a whole new level. It feels natural, and she’s openly affectionate to him – rather than the relationship staying the same-ish like with Kaoru or Sae. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in a sequel it’s nice to see the next stage in their relationship, no?

I love how Hibiki (yup, it’s Hibiki everyone!) really got a personality over the whole wedding thing, first pretending to tell Junichi about it then getting embarrassed when they were about to kiss in front of her. I’ve always seen her as the strict committed senpai type, but it’s nice to see her being a bit more carefree. Speaking of weddings and proposals, I think I might be able to guess how the arc will end – go Junichi go! The mock wedding and acting out household life was amusing, just what I’d expect from someone like Haruka xD See what I mean by Junichi’s relationship with her being totally different?

DAT SHED. Where the first of Junichi’s many fetishes were born, this one being the kissing-back-of-knee-to-turn-on-Haruka one. Admittedly nothing actually happened this time, but part of me wanted Junichi to suddenly confess out of the blue. Would have been so romantic~ Especially since Haruka wasn’t against the idea either.

Maybe it’ll happen next episode, with Junichi and Haruka all alone in his house xD With neither Miya nor their parents there to ruin anything set up, it can only be good xD


I love cute things.

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