Rinne no Lagrange Episode 2: A bit of a letdown

Finally, the second episode of this show! Like I stated before, this was the anime I was most looking forward to this season. But sadly, this episode was a bit of a letdown. I’m not saying it was bad nessecarily, just…a bit boring.

Nothing especially exciting happened, except for the fact that Madoka is told that she is going on yet another mission in the Vox and “the future of the planet rests in [her] hands”

Review: To this, she gets very nervous. Save the planet? She’s only piloted this thing once! We’re still not completely sure why she’s a perfect match for this specific Ovid (we learn this is what the robots are called in this episode). There was a bunch of riff-raff in the beginning before she even got into the Vox, most of it being rather bland.

Madoka talking to her sister on the phone...underwater.

I can say, though, that it did make me laugh a few times. Madoka is a very innocent girl and I think that’s an adorable trait of hers.  She’s also (obviously) nervous about the whole “saving the planet” part. We learn in this episode that her cousin, whom she calls her big sister, is not bothered by the fact that she’s  piloting a giant fighting robot as she was in the last episode. It’s a bit odd I suppose, I wouldn’t want my younger kin to put her life at risk like that. We also learn that, apparently, Madoka has met this mecha before. she met the Vox around 10 years ago when she almost drowned.

In addition to having a not-so-great beginning, the action parts at the end weren’t very satisfactory either. Sure, two robots fighting in mid air. I’ve seen this in many shows before. Where’s the originality?

At least this episode had more boobies. Madoka is “running away” from piloting the Vox because she’s nervous about it, and she

Mugunami and her bib boobies.

meets Muginami. Who is…well, quite hot (but still not as hot as Lan, in my opinion). And she has big boobs to boot. We don’t find out much about her character, yet. Is she another alien like Lan? I guess will find out in the coming episodes.

Ah, well I suppose that’s all. I can just hope that next  week’s episode takes a turn for the better and we see some really interesting stuff going on. Maybe a giant robot war? That would be nice.


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  1. Eva says:

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit considering her reactions were a bit realistic to the point she was getting afraid, doubting herself. I also found myself laughing a lot, especially at the point her cousin was giving her a lecture.

    This is mecha, so it’s not uncommon for robots/mobile suits to be fighting each other. The numbers don’t matter, for the originality, it’s more of the designs imo.

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