Shakugan no Shana III Ep 11: Sleeping Beauty


Keisaku returns to Misaki City, meeting up with Eita and Kazumi. Finally reunited with Margery, she wakes up after Keisaku confesses to her and the two proceed to have sex. Back on the battlefield, the Tomogara are at such a disadvantage that their Supreme Commander Decarabia turns up as a last resort, forcing the Braider of Trembling Might, Sophie Sawallisch, to engage him, defeating him easily. Meanwhile Shana and friends have headed inside the Divine Gate to chase after Yuuji, only to be met by the Destructive Blade, Sabrac.


Hehehehe, Keisaku got laid! Way to go man! Well, we all saw it coming. Boy that age difference must be awkward o.O Come to think of it, I think both Keisaku and Eita had various levels of crushes for Margery, but it was more of a devotion-type thing for Eita, since he was already in love with Oga-chan and ended up quitting after that incident with Pheles. Anyway, it turns out that Margery was pretty much awake all along, and Keisaku gave her the push she needed to finally get up and decide to keep on living. Kinda disappointed she went back to her old hairstyle though, she was much prettier without glasses or her hair up.

All seems to be hectic back at the battlefield near Seireiden, with new developments always meaning the tide of battle keeps changing. And when the hell did it start snowing? The Tomogara weren’t any match for the Flame Haze army though, and even with these reinforcements that have turned up, they should be just fine. Margery and Marcosias are heading their way too, to further mess up Decarabia’s plans.

…Or, what was left of his plans. Decarabia got DESTROYED. IN ONE HIT. It just goes to show how appearances aren’t everything in the Shana world, since I underestimated how strong Sophie could be myself. I see the title “Braider of Trembling Might” is well deserved o.O But seriously? Decarabia’s supposed to be a Supreme Commander as well, surely he’d have some skill other than hiding behind unrestricted spells all the time. And even then it didn’t do anything to stop himself getting pwned by a single kick. That’s some epic old lady power O_O

Random Flame Haze used Flamethrower!
Decarabia used Protect!
Decarabia protected itself from Random Flame Haze’s attack!

Sophie used Mega Kick!
It’s a one-hit KO!
Decarabia fainted!

Sakai Yuuji sent out Haborym!
What will Sophie do?
FIGHT                    FLAME HAZE
BAG                        RUN 

If Sophie can do that kind of damage all by herself and still stay standing, I have a feeling that the battle’s gonna turn in favour of the Flame Haze army very quickly, since most of the others haven’t even revealed their abilities yet. Poor Haborym, he doesn’t have any idea what he’s in for. In terms of how the Tomogara managed to hide their presence through disguising themselves as birds, I remember Lamies actually used this before back in S1, to hide his existence so Margery couldn’t find him. They aren’t that original xD No-one seems to even care about protecting the Divine Gate anymore, it’s not like they can do anything to shield it since Fecor was so usefully taken out by Tenmoku Ikko.

So we have Shana, Wilhelmina, Khamsin and Rebecca heading into the Divine Gate after Yuuji, helpfully aided by the Flame Haze remnants of the last war. It seems that they’ll be encountering Sabrac and his Stigma spell, which gave Wilhelmina masses of trouble back last season. Wait I thought he was dead? …Apparently not. Hopefully he’ll have some new tricks up his sleeve, especially since they’ve already figured out his secret. Ooh and the new terrain might hold some surprises too. Anyway with Hecate starting her ritual next week to revive Sairei no Hebi’s body, it’s up to Shana to stop her!


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Margery, Keisaku… but mostly for Keisaku

    • Vantage says:

      Keisaku we’re all so proud of you…YOU’RE FINALLY A MAN *sobs*

      Now just don’t get any self-sacrificial, “I’ll take this fatal blow to save her life” thoughts or anything. That tends to happen far too often.

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