Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 12: Wait, what? What? WHAT?!

The word that Hayato has retired from his agency and had enrolled as a student in Saotome Academy. It is quickly revealed that Tokiya is Hayato himself and the school goes into frenzy, however the boys of his group are not pleased. The group has mixed feelings and considers cutting Tokiya from the team, they later confront him after Haruka had found him and make him speak for himself. Tokiya apologizes and tries to convey his true desire to work with the group. When everything is settled, Saotome suddenly decides to take advantage of the Hayato frenzy and have all six boys debut as Starish! HOWEVER, Haruka is not included in this debut as a composer and if she wants to be able to, she will need to compose a song that will top the God of Composers who has been asked to do Starish’s songs.


Wait… What? What? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!
I’m so confused, what the- wait so, Shining decides to use Tokiya’s current situation and immediately send the boys to debut while Haruka is excluded and forced the watch on the sidelines.

Okay someone people explain to me how the hell are they going to cover that- in just one episode to go?  I don’t even… I… what the hell is going to happen?! I… I… This is like… I don’t even know how to react to this! I don’t know what to expect with this turn of events! I never saw this coming, so that’s quite a twist!!!! Moreover, Shinning mentioned that he went easy on her during her entrance exams. O_o What is that supposed to mean? Like, is he talking about the fact she had arrived late and he told the guards to let her pass, or the fact she couldn’t read sheet music???

There was alot of ‘WTFery’ happening this episode. I mean, when Haruka was fantasizing of  Tokiya in her dreams, it was like, oh god- she kept on saying his name over and over again, (how are people NOT supposed to get the wrong idea?!?!?!) I was like, “This is an awkward way to kick things off…” and for the love of god, what- what’s with all the birds?! That’s another crazy thing- haculations, illusions whatever that led her to Tokiya, was that supposed to be a Birdies of Fate or something???

This episode wasn’t terrible, but the first 10 minutes was boring as hell. It reminded me of the stupid sing-along and lunch time scenes that Blood C had for the first four episodes. I was looking at the time of the video and I was shaking my head going, “Why do they have to spend so much time on the boys’ reaction?” It’s wasting time that could be used more productively! I grew irritated at just how much time they were wasting on Ren staring at the skies saying nothing. I mean seriously, cut the chase guys- get to the point. Enough with the sceneries, we aren’t interested in that. If you want to point out the mood, do it in a better way, because it was super annoying.

It was good to see Masato was playing the good guy today. He decided to be a bit more vocal than usual and had asked the boys to stop and think about Haruka’s position and not put the blame on her. Ren on the other hand, was a complete ass, heck even Shou was being bitchy.

As for Tokiya. I was like, “GOD! HE WAS SO CLOSE TO BEING EXSPELLED!” when he said, “I love…the music you make!” and I was “FFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!” I knew he was going to say that, just because Otoya said so earlier on! His apology speech was pretty touching, though I honestly wasn’t’ expecting him to sound so emotional, but I suppose if he didn’t the boys wouldn’t have taken him seriously.

Pffffth, I really can’t believe it. I’m at loss for words. That’ll be it from me, lets see how the finale will turn out.

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