Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 11: Little too Late…

So shit gets real when Tokiya’s manager decides to be an ass and completely fill up Hayato’s schedule to limit his time and always be late for his practices with the group. Thanks to this, his health only gets worse and worse and eventually passes out. When he wakes up he finds himself in his room, late for pratice and decides to get ready and head out only THEN, THE PREZ SHOWS UP AND HAS A BITCH FIT ABOUT HAVING DISCOVERED TOKIYA GOING TO THE ACADEMY AND SUDDENLY HAS A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING THAT RESULTED HIM HAVING TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Tokiya later is forgiven by the prez and apologized by his stupid manager and he finally heads out in a rush to return, ONLY NOW A FUCKING BRIDGE/OVERPASS OR WHATEVER SHIT IS CAUSING HIM DELAYS AND BAM APPARENTLY HE’LL BE STUCK IN THERE UNTIL MORNING.


Um… Lets see, how should I put this into words?
I won’t lie, this was a disappointing episode for me, I was honestly expecting more.

Oh… shirtless Tokiya and his messy hair  is damn hot, he looks so sexy. I actually like that style more. *SHOT*

But seriously, I was really annoyed with the fact we didn’t get much from Haruka’s side and really, the episode was completely devoted to Tokiya. So here I am scratching my head going, “Um…Isn’t this supposed to be a Reverse Harmen? Why is Tokiya hogging the spotlight? (OF COURSE THAT’S NOT A BAD THING, BUT RIGHT NOW IT KINDA IS) What about Haruka? What about R O M A N C E ? ? ? ” *BIAS SHIPPER MODE START* It drove me insane for many cases because GOD, him falling sick- PERFECT opportunity for more Tokiya x Haruka bonding time and #%(@*&%(*#@% FOR SOME REASON, THEY DECIDED, “LOLZ, LETS TROLL THEM AND NOT HAVE HARUKA TAKE CARE OF HIM!” *BIAS SHIPPER MODE OFF*

The biggest problem right now is that, it feels like the producers/writers just can’t seem to make up their mind about whether this will be an open ending, or a canon ending. Again, there’s so much focus on Tokiya!  I mean seriously, if this were really going to revolve around the group and open ending, it’d focus far more on everyone TOGETHER, but no- it’s about TOKIYA or HARUKA, but in the end- MOSTLY TOKIYA AND HIS LIFE OF HAYATO.

While I understand this is to finally resolve Tokiya’s conflict with ‘Hayato’ and having to live a split life between school and his career is important to the plot, I find it frustrating is that they their didn’t devote that part of the story with enough time or they ended up making it unsteady with the time limit of only thirteen episodes- UNLESS they make a sequel to steady the pace again.

Either way, the consequence is going to be the same. Tokiya took too long to make up his mind about which task was he going to devote his time to. Was it going to be his group at school, or his collapsing music career?

With the tone of the track being used to set up the tensions, I do believe that – as usual with this tune, Shinning is involved. Shinning could perhaps be trying to split the group, causing them to overcome several hardships as a group. Moreover, we’ve been seeing alot of sneaky spy stuff. And seriously, that guy moves according to his own pace, the world revolves around him- or so it what he makes it looks like.

On the more positive note, the new song is very charming. I really love the lyrics and the music video for it…uh, it was pinkish and sparkly…
 Very sparkly, but at least it was still cute! :D

Right now, with two episodes left- I don’t know what to expect. It feels like everything is going to be rushed and crammed for the last episode where I’d assume- will be the audition. Let me tell you something right now: The chances of a crammed finale meeting up to my standards has fallen to 30%. Perhaps it’s much better that I have lowered my expectations since every week I have such high ones that it just kills me to see that it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped it to be.

Clearly the next episode is going to play a role in Tokiya desperately trying to get back to the academy or, they will just skim over that without a care in the world and see the group falling apart. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shinning show up with a helicopter. >_> Cue to the action.

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