Kamisama Dolls episode 7: Uncovering the Past


Kyohei tells the story of Senou Chihaya, this teacher who changed Aki and Kyohei’s life. Finally, the mysterious past of Kyohei is revealed.


This is the episode I was eagerly waiting for. I am not disappointed in the least, this episode was simply amazing. I was a little concerned during the last episode because it felt like the story was heading towards the ecchi route more so than the awesome route.

Now we know the truth, we know the disturbing past of Aki and Kyohei. We learned who Senou Chihaya was, this new teacher who came to the village for a second chance.

Lets talk about sensei. She has lost her last job because she slept with one of her student’s father and the student caught them. Now she is trying to find a job in that isolated and weird village, this is her second chance. But even there, her past caught up to her and she was constantly insulted and became more and more isolated. In the end the only person that would let her approach them are the one rejected from the village. That means Aki. But that women has something wrong with her, she might seem calm and happy, but in the end she did sleep with Aki, At that time he must not have been older than 17 years old. That is pedophilia. You know you have issues when you sleep with a kid because you try to take revenge on someone from your past that looks like said kid.

In the end Chihaya was raped and then sacrificed her life to save Aki. Kyohei still liked her. So now that we know the past, what does this tells us about the present?

The first thing I realized with this is that Aki and Kyohei might not hate each other as much as I thought. After all Kyohei knows that Aki didn’t kill Chihaya, he merely avenged her. Of course Aki is still a murderer, but his slaughter was “justified”. Kyohei loved Chihaya and she told him to forever stay friend with Aki, I’m sure that Kyohei will live up to her wish. I can see it in the near future that Aki and Kyohei will put their difference aside and fight together to overcome some greater evil.

Another thing that we learned from this is that Aki was able to keep his kakashi even when it was transferred. While it is a rare occurrence and it is weird, this does not exclude the possibility that Kyohei will be able to do the same with kukuri.This means that maybe we will see Aki and Kyohei fight together with their kakashi in a final episode? maybe? That would be awesome. Aki is very talented with his kakashi, most likely too talented and Kyohei was able to put him down. We weren’t able to see Kyohei in action, but there is no doubt that he was a powerful seki.

Now I really wonder how much the people in that village breed, since it seems that about 20 people were killed in that small village in a single night, if they keep on fighting like that everyone in the village will be dead in no time.

This episode was simply amazing, It is everything I expected it to be and even more. I was concerned if the show would go to shit once it would have been farther than the manga, but my fears were dissipated with this episode. Everything was done perfectly, I even almost cried.


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4 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more dude. This episode literally gave me goosebumps. Aki has now become one of my favorite characters. Actually he is my favorite in this show so far. Totally wasn’t expecting this, but this episode has really changed my opinion on this show.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    I wasn’t expecting the flashback of this episode to be so damn good.
    I am sad to see that this show only has 13 episodes T.T Would be awesome if it was 24 episodes.

  3. Stosa says:

    The anime isn’t ahead of the manga. Just ahead of the scanlated version. So the anime will probably remain great till the end. Aki seems like a nice guy after all. Hope they can be friends with Kyohei

    • ZeroG says:

      Oh ok, thanks for the information, I didn’t knew the original version was that much ahead of the translated one.

      Aki IS a nice guy, but he always acts like a jerk because he always feel rejected by everyone, maybe if someone could finally give him a chance.

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