Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 5: Shou’s Miserable Training Experience

Haruka, Natsuki and her friends try helping Shou overcome his fear of heights so that he can audition in a movie that his ‘hero’, Hyuuga-sensei.



Poor Shou had such a miserable time while trying to overcome his fears of heights. In the end, the culprit who caused the trauma in the first place was Natsuki when they were five years old. Shou had fallen out of a window in a tall tower and nearly fell to his death if it weren’t for Natsuki to catch his arm at the last second.

It was so cute to see Shou is a huge fan of Hyuuga-sensei! <3 I was totally rooting for him to succeed in his goal to go into the audition. But man, poor guy  soon learns that the audition is for the Prince’s sister and of course Natsuki still fired up to help him- having been forced into a dress and wig and then to see the teacher go, “OH HEY YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HOW I’D PICTURE MY LITTLE SISTER!” (for the character and all) and then top things off calling him, “Shou-chan”!

I was completely oblivious to the fact it was Shou singing through out the ‘music video’ (WHICH BY THE WAY WAS JUST EPIC, BOTH HYUUGA AND SHOU LOOKED SOOOOOOO BADASS!!!!!). I had to figure as much as soon as I saw him and Haruka featured in it. I found that they made it very sudden, and unclear that he was the one who was singing when it first started. Despite that, I absolutely LOVED the song, it was just fabulous! I’ll definitely be snagging his character CD when it comes out. Also I liked the fact for once, this song wasn’t about romance, it was solely based off inspiration of the show he watched that Hyuuga was starring in when he was a kid.

It was great to see Shining~ Saotome again after his absence from the previous episode. That guy is so creepy, such a stalker, honestly he and Natsuki should be BFFs, they both LOVE taking things to the extreme.

One of the epic things about this episode was we got some development between Tokiya and Haruka. I, having already decided to ship them since episode 1 (because I’m that kind of fangirl who likes the realtionships where one or both characters is/are tsundere). Tokiya, despite having started off on a bad note with Haruka, it looks like he’s trying to put together the puzzle pieces of whether or not she’s just another ‘typical’ fangirl who would use him to meet Hayato. Having witnessed help people out in several occasions including (as seen in the last episode) her searching for Ren’s lyrics, and hearing that she has a good heart gives me the impression that he isn’t fond of having bad relationships with people be it whether he associates with them often or not. It was a huge improvement to see him wishing her ‘good luck’ with the process of helping another despite having mentioned that she must have alot of time on her hands to be able to give others attention. What surprised me the most was that Haruka didn’t care that Tokiya wished her luck. She didn’t react like some other characters may have reacted such as being caught off guard.

Overall very awesome episode. If some haven’t heard, (much to my dismay) this show will only have 13 episodes. D: I honestly thought there’d be 24  because there’s so much awesomeness going on, but unless they are going to follow a similar strategy of dividing it like Studio Deen had done with Hakuouki (another reverse harem) – that’s all we’re going to get. While knowing this, we’ll be at the halfway mark next week. Two more guys (if not three with the secret character (I honestly figure because he’s a secret route, he would be more  likely to be included in an OVA)) left to learn more about. It’s either Natsuki’s or Tokiya’s turn next week, or to surprise us – neither one.

PS: LOL, Hayato has such a bad image. Everyone is like cringing whenever they hear his name and shocked that Haruka is a fan! XD Poor guy! OH and I really prefer their new seasonal uniform since the skirt is green rather than that… err.. unique gold/yellow. It’s so much cuter!

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