Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 2: The Lyrical + Composition Exercise

Haruka and Ittoki find themselves paired up for a class exercise where the Haruka finds herself put in the spotlight during class where it’s revealed that she can’t read music sheets. After that moment of humiliation, Haruka decides studies hard in order to not let Ittoki down and somehow write a composition while he struggles to come up with some lyrics.


Lame title I know.
The the ED of last week’s episode became the OP and the OP became the ED, something which I like because I absolutely LOVE the… err, official(?) opening (who knows, maybe they are going to go back and forth).

After getting completely hooked from last week’s episode I enjoyed this episode so much. I really loved the jokes, especially the fast forwarding part when Tokiya was generous enough (after being pestered by Ittoki) to give him some advice, only to go to waste since Ittoki couldn’t grasp anything he was saying. AT the same time we also got some interesting announcements as well, for one: At some point by the end of the first term, they will be partnered up with someone that doesn’t necessarily have to be from their class and they will remain as partners while competing during the graduation audition, and two: they are told that Romance/Relationships are absolutely FORBIDDEN otherwise the couple will be expelled (talk about harsh punishment).

The boy’s roomates pairs are pretty funny. You got Shinomiya and Kurusu together where as Shinomiya is constantly attempting to raep get Kurusu to wear cute things (I think it’s clear that the guy has an obsession with cute things)SHOCKINGLY Hijirikawa and Jinguuji share a room – I wonder how the hell they put up with each other… And then of course Ittoki and Tokiya who are also roommates. Thanks to that we were able to kind of grip another side of him, as I have pointed out – a bit generous despite being nagged. It’s no surprise that Tokiya had a cold response when Haruka mistaken him as his brother who happens to be his elder twin. It’s probably tough for the guy because his brother already has a title and now he is constantly not only being mistaken, but also probably being compared to him. It’s very interesting how his reaction was towards seeing Ittoki’s performance in the studio. He had a very cold look that gives me the impression he regards him as a tough rival.

Before I finish talking about the boys, a little thing about Ittoki. We learn that he’s a beginner when it comes to writing lyrics, and that he’s a singer (a good one too). I find that he’s a total sweetheart who is very considerate for people while at the same time, quite a nagger.  I think it’s clear he’s already starting to fall for Haruka despite the rules being announced earlier, so considering the fast progress of that – it does worry me that they may take things too fast if they aim to have Haruka spend efficient amount of time with each of the guys. I have been seeing that ALOT of fans are extremely wary of this show after the epic fail with Starry Sky, and to be honest, I genuinely believe that will not be the case.  Compared to Starry Sky I see a potential of good romance and major plot development. If we learn that this will only have eleven/thirteen episodes, that’s when I’ll grow concern and lose confidence a bit and just hope for the best conclusion.

Now about Haruka.
I am a fan of heroines who have great determination to achieve a goal and that’s exactly how Haruka is. She studied very hard within 24 hours (apparently according to Tomochika it has only been a day, which I find it kind of hard to believe O___o…)  to learn how to read music. I was actually surprised when we learned that in fact she has learned the piano without learning how to read the scores, which sounds like she learned it by ear. If that’s the case, she’s a very talent musician because it’s quite a skill to have while at the same time, does have negative impact.

Finally, the cat. The cat is a very mysterious creature who seems to enjoy stalking Haruka in particular. There’s quite a few jokes going around that either:

A) The Headmaster is the cat (or something, he’s stalking his students O____o;)
B) Tokiya is the cat
C) Hayato is the cat 

Of course that would be a huge twist because last time I checked, this isn’t a ‘magic’ anime. So for now I’m doubting that will ever be the case.


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