Usagi Drop 02 – What Do You Mean, Daycare?!

Rin does a lot of glaring in this episode, but with a dude like Daikichi trying to take over raising you, I guess I can’t blame her.


I made you potatoes so you better eat them, jerkoff!


So the episode starts with every girl’s favorite hobby, shopping! Because obviously all women are exactly the same and thus like to do exactly the same things. Obviously. Anyway, it’s clear that Daikichi knows just as much about how to shop for clothes as Rin does. Actually, let me correct that—Rin probably knows more, since she dragged him to the right section for little girls to begin with.


Because obviously a six year old knows all of her measurements. Rin you are such a failure!


While they’re shopping Daikichi asks Rin if she wants to get any skirts, but she says she’s not allowed to wear them to nursery school. Daikichi freaks and realizes that today is Sunday and he’d completely forgotten about childcare for Rin while he goes to work. Crap.


Rin's various faces in the background while Daikichi does whatever are reason enough to watch this show; she is both adorable and hilarious!


Daikichi calls his cousin for help, the one with the annoying brat Reina. He finds out that there are emergency daycare facilities but they only take children for a few days at a time, just long enough to get her registered with a permanent daycare. By the way, the subs use “nursery school” while the English translation of the manga uses “daycare.” I think they are de facto the same thing, the idea is that Rin is too young yet for regular school so she needs some sort of facility to spend her day at while Daikichi is at work. I will most likely use the word daycare since it’s easier to type and I’m all about being lazy. Moving on.


Daikichi uses his Google-fu and finds a few places nearby, but they are either too far or close too soon for when he gets off work. He picks on and sets his alarm for early the next morning because dropping Rin off then getting to work is going to double his normal commute. Well that sucks. In the morning, Daikichi gets up after being pushed around by Rin (the one who is responsible and gets up to turn off the alarm clock) and they sit down to eat breakfast when we get another irritated!Rin face.


Daikichi you ape, have you no manners?!


Poor Rin has to squeeze onto the subway with Daikichi, she is so cute but it’s so sad to see her smooshed like that. Anyway, they ride the train to the daycare, Daikichi drops her off and poor Rin panics when he goes to leave. She’s only been with him for two, three days max, so it’s no wonder she’s worried he won’t come back. He pinky-swears with her to come back, but says he’ll be late. So Daikichi goes to work, has a long and crappy day and worries about Rin, and when it’s all over he’s running to the daycare to get Rin. She is the last child to be picked up, and it’s late, but he made it. Rin’s irritated but happy he didn’t leave her behind.


The next day they get up and do the whole thing over again, and by the evening when Daikichi goes to pick up Rin she is literally falling over from being tired while they are walking. Daikichi realizes he has to find her someplace permanent because at the rate they are going neither of them are going to be able to last. There is a cute moment when Daikichi picks up Rin and has her sit on his shoulders as he runs the two of them home.


The episode ends with Daikichi looking at the mother-child health booklet from when Rin was born, and he’s more determined than ever to track down her mother, Masako.


Daikichi I can't believe you wet the bed.


The epilogue for this episode is Daikichi waking up in the morning to find a wet spot on his futon. At first he thinks he pissed himself, until he realizes his pants aren’t wet so it must have been Rin. Rin, super embarrassed, yells at Daikichi that it’s just sweat. Oh Rin…

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3 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    <3 <3 <3 Rin is so freaking adorable. She's such a good kid.

  2. sam1456 says:

    am in love with this show its so beautiful and innocent

  3. TimesTicking says:

    Rin is so adorable just like Yune XD
    Love it how Rin has like more manners than Daikichi.

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