Blade 02: Nyanpires in my Blade?!

It’s more likely than you think.




So this week on Blade we follow a pair of detectives in Osaka investigating the disappearances of several foreign women. Boooring. I want to see Blade slice up vampire baddies, damnit. Well, no, it’s not that boring to me. It helps ground the story (“o lulz silvia but it’s about vampires anywayz1!!!11!”) and shows that maybe there is hope for a good story for this anime. Still not holding my breath. So our two detectives talk about a string of disappearances as they drive to their newest crime scene.


He just does a better job than you, that's all; nothing to see here, ho-hum.


Before our detectives get inside the building, one sees a shadowy figure on a nearby rooftop, which is clearly Blade to the viewers. Blade vanishes and the detective almost dismisses what he has seen before he makes his way upstairs. We get a glimpse of someone talking to the press about what’s going on—about thirty foreign women were living in this building and working to make a living, though it’s implied throughout the episode that they are prostitutes. Guess they’re easy targets since they wouldn’t have families in the country and people look down on them. Oh, sorry, I better leave the policework to the pros. Excuse me.


Our old!guy detective, Mizu, finds a picture of one of the girls but nothing else. His partner, the younger Spike Spiegel wannabe, Ikeda, says that they found no signs of a struggle but people have reported seeing a black man in a black coat nearby. Omg is it the guy Mizu saw on the roof?! …probably not. Moving along.


So now we have a montage to show how hard working Mizu and Ikeda are as they ask around about the black dude in the black coat. Writing black so much makes me feel vaguely racist. It really hits home when Mizu says “You mean to tell me nobody noticed such a conspicuous black guy?” Well. I guess it is kind of racist. You all do realize I’m being facetious, yes? I fear I’ve ruined the joke by adding this but was too afraid to let it go without some kind of note lest you all think I’m horribly racist. I’m not. But Japan totally is!


Dispatch calls out to all cars that there’s an incident of violence reported—I love how the Japanese state things so politely even when it’s an emergency and people are getting killed! So Mizu and Ikeda arrive and Mizu charges in just in time to see Blade dispatch a vampire. Ooops. People aren’t supposed to burst into flames and ash, are they?


I need you for something... *wink wink*


Then Blade, the wonderful guy that he is, takes Mizu hostage and forces the detective to become his personal chauffeur, I mean, drive him to the police station. Um… yeah, that was obviously your intent from the start, right Blade?


Blade just can't find competent help these days, poor guy.


So they get to the police station and bust in on the captain and the other boss of the station, only to find out they are in cahoots with Existence. Blade is unfazed of course, but Mizu starts to lose it. I guess that happens when you suddenly learn vampires are real.


Blah blah blah, a fight ensues, more talking, then Blade and Mizu drive somewhere and head underground to what looks like an old abandoned subway system. Then we see a familiar face!




So the guys run into some creepy vampire dude who reveals the missing girls are in tanks hanging from the ceiling where their blood is being harvested—they’re kept alive because it’s more cost-effective that way. See, even vampires know how to spend money wisely! So then the nyanpires come out and attack Blade and Mizu, Blade runs off after the creepy vampire dude, and Mizu works to free the girls from the tanks. Oh and the stalker chick shows up to help vanquish the nyanpires.


Blade chases after the creepy vampire dude and CVD reveals he is a Suikou, a special breed of Japanese vampire who can transform into a tiger-like thing. The face looks like it came straight out of an ancient sumi-e painting, and it’s kind of cool. The rest of him looks pretty generic as far as monsters go. Blade spends a good bit of time fighting him, and eventually wins of course, all while looking like a badass.


It's probably all the coat.


So the girls are saved and creepy vampire dude is dead (and so are the nyanpires ;_; ). Oh then Ikeda, Mizu’s Spike Spiegel wannabe partner reveals he works for Existence too so Mizu better behave. Well, Mizu was never good at behaving so he jacks up Ikeda and says what amounts to “FU buddy.” Oh hay, now Blade conveniently has a buddy in law enforcement, awesome!


At the very end of the episode, Blade meets up with a an old dude and a dog. The previews for next week show what appear to be a younger Blade, so I’m guessing we are going to get flashbacks into his origin as a vampire hunter beyond just how he was born and how he came to be a half-breed. Should be interesting to see what elements they pull from which canon regarding Blade’s origin.

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