Spring Anime 2011 Overview: Let’s see what came out of this humongous season

It’s worth saying it: This season was enormous. In total, 44 shows came out this Spring. In this, we had the good, the really good, the bad, and of course the very bad. Now, let’s recap this a little and see what all our bloggers here thought!

*Side note: Not all the bloggers have watched all the shows and everything is based on personal opinion and nothing else. Please, no yelling at us for not sharing what you think.*

Overall thoughts

Eva: I started off covering covering ten shows this season, and watched a majority of the others. I have to say it was rather satisfying and I actually have quite a few favorites this season.

Myst: This season was retardedly huge… and had pretty much shows for everyone, of any quality. Some were awesome, some were terrible, but in the end it was a pretty general one and I’m glad I got to watch a lot of good shows out of it!

ZeroG: We had such wonderful show this season. It is rare that I watch so many shows and they are all good in their own ways. While there were some let down, most of the shows featured for the spring were huge success in my book.

Oki: I’ll be for real with you. Unlike everyone else I did not really enjoy this season. It was so much so I mostly ignored it and forgot the rest. 

Most Memorable Plot

Eva: Hands down, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana). I don’t care what you people say, I was laughing, I was crying, this story sticks in my head like glue. Heck this can also receive the longest title award for this season.

Myst: was definitely memorable when it came to its plot. I still have trouble believing I like the show that much… O_o

ZeroG: Steins; Gate win this for me, there were a lot of very interesting stories, I loved Deadman Wonderland and [C] story very much too, but I feel that Steins; Gate (while still far from being finished) has the more solid story. I would also like to note that, while it started in Winter, the last half of Gosick was even better than the first half and that story comes second in my book, right after Steins; Gate.

Oki: Bitches love Tiger and Bunny. What? It was playing this season.

Crack of the Season

Eva: Uhhh… Lets see… There’s one that killed everyone’s poor brain therefore I shall call it crack of the season. Dororon Enma-kun Meramera! I would also sayYondemasu yo, Azazel-san but I still watched it. XD I can’t stop laughing, such a funny show!

Myst: I think Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai is unbeatable in this category, seriously… it is HILARIOUS. It fucks up your brain, but it is hilarious nonetheless.

ZeroG: Of the show I watched, I guess that Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi would have been the funniest, but it is in no way a good represented of what was funny this season, I just haven’t follow any of those show.

Oki: Hm, geez, I have to say Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai.

Biggest Fail

Eva: I’ll have to nominate Yu Gi Oh Zexal. Definite fail. They actually spent time spamming filler episodes right from the beginning rather than jumping into the plot – well I’m still watching it because I knew it’d probably take ten episodes to kick into gear. Only now things are getting interesting. =3= Lets see how the second half turns out.

Myst: Beelzebub just failed this season. Seriously, I never thought it could turn out so horrible after a really funny start. Fail.

ZeroG: Astarotte No Omocha! There is no doubt in my mind, that show was so-so for the first few episode, and then it went downhill until it reached episode 7 or so. At that point the show went undergound and straight to hell. This show should have been a shitty OVA instead, at least that way I would not have had to watch it for such a long time.

Oki: Everything except Tiger and Bunny. 

Unexpected Favorite!

Eva: Tiger and Bunny, I love this show! It’s so pleasant, enjoyable and awesome – and I absolutely love the pace. And… Yondemasu yo Azazel-san. That’s right, you heard me. It’s true that I didn’t like the show at first, but after giving it another try, my god, THIS IS SO FREAKING FUNNY, I LOVE IT! It’s really too bad it’s only 12 mins long per episode, but it’s totally worth watching. It’s not something I’d blog, which as you can see I didn’t bother picking it up, but definitely give it a shot! :D THEY BETTER MAKE A SECOND SEASON!!!!

Myst: Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai was surprisingly amazing. Seriously, I never expected this show to be so damn awesome and so damn weird.

ZeroG: Tiger and Bunny, The show really felt lame while reading the description, an anime with ads in it? why would we watch that? Well turns out the show was much more than that and the ads actually made the show so much more entertaining. I never wanted to drink pepsi next before, now I do !

Oki: Tiger and Bunny, hands down!



Eva: Menma from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Myst: From my rant of last season, you would think I’d answer ELCIIIIIIIII from The World Only God Knows II. Well, guess what? Someone actually managed to beat that girl. Naru from Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai was the most adorable thing on Earth. Oh. My. God. I LOVE HER! :D

ZeroG: The cutest character is definitevely Mayuri for me, she is so innocent and she stands out so much in Steins; Gate. She just want to be with her friends, she don’t care for science or experiments, but she follows anyway. Tuturu~


Biggest Exhibitionist

Eva: …Hm… This is tough. I’m probably going to go with Riko from Hidan no Aria. She’s always doing something that catches everyone’s attention – though mostly it involves seducing Kinji. O_o;

Myst: I think all the characters from Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai deserve that title… But I’ll go with Alice-chan because that naughty little girl always did it on purpose, and for a 5-year old I thought that was pretty damn naughty and exhibitionist-like.

ZeroG: Asuha from Astarotte No Omocha! That girl is the definition of an exhibitionist. She is always commando, she even tells people to walk around without panties like her. She never cared for hiding herself. The worst part is, she is about 8 years old.

Oki: …Barnaby?

Most Charming

Eva: Katsuragi Keima from The World Only God Knows II. END OF STORY.

Myst: Katsuragi Keima from The World Only God Knows II. How can he not win this? :D

ZeroG: The Queen in Astarotte No Omocha! was quite the sexy beast, not sure if it counts as charming, but that is it for me.

Oki: Kotetsu, in a derp kind of way. :D

Most Hated

Eva: I’m going with Yukiatsu AnoHana despite he had some points where he was able to gain some redemption, but in the end I still think he’s an asshole. *SHOT*


ZeroG: Naoya from Astarotte No Omocha! what the hell is wrong with this guy! He fell in love with is 10 years old half-daughter, seriously what the hell ?


Season Favourite Bloggers, answer characters please, not shows

Eva: Jintan from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) because my god. He’s so down to earth, he’s really kind and puts himself out there to help his friends even if it means putting himself in the spotlight of humiliation. Best of all, he’s one of those characters that can make you forget that he’s a fictional character. *SHOT* I’m also a huge fan of Kotetsu (Tiger) from Tiger & Bunny! He’s sooooo cool and badass, it’s so sad that he’s an underated hero in the show! ;A; TIGER I’LL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAN!!!!!!

Myst: Many characters could win this… I loved a lot of them, but I think this time I’ll give the reward to Katsuragi Keima from TWOGK II. Because he’s just that awesome :D.

ZeroG: I love Okabe from Steins; Gate, that character has so much more depth than what people are led to believe. He is not a scientist, he is a mad scientist. A man hiding behind a character he impersonate to communicate in public. A man who gives shit to everyone because he is afraid to lose them. He is by far my favorite.

Oki: Koooooteeeeeeeetssuuuu my husbaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Animation Production/Techniques

Best OP

Eva: I’d have to choose between, Ao no Exorist (UVERWorld’s CORE PRIDE FTW!!!!) , Steins;Gate!, and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko I’d also put in TWOGK II too, but not much changed from its Season 1’s opening.

Myst: I hated the song, but Hanasaku Iroha‘s opening was really nice :) It gave the same feeling of the actual show, definitely.

ZeroG: I really like Deadman Wonderland opening, mind you I never watch opening scene, I only listen to them and I can actually understand the lyrics of that opening.

Oki: None really caught my eye this season.

Best ED

Eva: I’m not sure, uhh, I guess I’ll go with Hidan No Aria. The ED is pretty cool. LOL IT’S FIRST NOMINATION OF THE ENTIRE OVERVIEW

Myst: *points to Zero’s answer* I think that pretty much sums it up.

ZeroG: I will have to go with Gosick, I know that it didn’t start this season, sue me, but it ends now. And the ending is the best of every show this season.

Oki: I don’t watch openings, sans Bleach. So by default, bleach.

Best OST

Eva: Hm… that’s tough. AnoHana, Ao No Exorist, Gosick, TWOGK II – all of them are very enjoyable to listen to.

Myst: The World Only God Knows II had a really good one :). Unfortunately I have nothing else to say about it.

ZeroG: Gosick had some really nice tracks, I guess.

Oki: Meh. 

Most Stunning Animation

Eva: Hanasaku Iroha (P.A Works), Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (Studio SHAFT) and of course, Steins;Gate (WHITE FOX) the quality of all three works are just breathtaking and awesome.

Myst: Hanaksaku Iroha. Everything was incredibly beautiful~

ZeroG: This goes to Tiger and Bunny and Steins; Gate for me. Both show have wonderful animation that really catch your attention. Both show have very different focus in their animation, but they each make the visual look fluid and enjoyable to watch.

Oki: Hanasaku Iroha, easily the best quality it has! 


Recommendation of the Season

Eva: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai  (AnoHana), Steins;Gate, Hanasaku Iroha, Tiger & Bunny

Myst: Hanasaku Iroha is pretty much the one show that could interest about anyone, I really liked it and I’m actually not such a big fan of Slice of Life shows. :)

ZeroG: Gosick, [C] The Money of Soul and Possiblity Control, Steins; Gate, Tiger & Bunny, Deadman Wonderland

Oki: Tiger and Bunny takes the cake here, no question!


Top 3


1.  Hanasaku Iroha

2. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

3. Tiger&Bunny



1. Hanasaku Iroha – Ohh, Ohana, how I loved your personality~

2. Denpa Onna to Seishunn Otoko – I loved the thought process that overcame all the characters. It was a really deep and complex anime, and quite different from what I’m used to.

3. Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – As weird as it was, it was really good O_o.

1. Steins, Gate

2. Deadman Wonderland

3. [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control


1.  Tiger and Bunny!

2. Hanasaku Iroha

3.  Nothing. 


AngryAnimeBitches’ Choice

Hanasaku Iroha


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