Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA Ep 1: Confusing, but still Enjoyable

In an alternative setting, an group known as The Nameless who are deserted soldiers band together to protect people. While traveling to their next targeted destination, Reila comes across a young girl who had narrowly escaped the Imperial’s invasion against her village. They decide after debating whether they should go in or not, that they would try taking the village back and rescuing the people. They plan, and attack – and successfully reclaimed the village. Then once they have returned to their travel, they come across hearing gunshots and head into the forest where they run into Isara from the 7th Squad of the Gallian Militia. She desperately asks for their help, revealing that her party has been ambushed.


I’ve been waiting for this to come out for a quite a while now, but I found myself very confused. One thing that created it was that we never learned who the Nameless were previously associated with. All we know that they are desserts, but the question is: They are deserters from which party? The Imperials or the Gallians? By the end of the episode, we saw that Kurt recognized that Isara was from the 7th Squad. @_@;  (SHOOT ME IF IT’S THE UNIFORM THAT GAVE IT AWAY DX) Then again, the 7th Squad was quite famous for ‘topping the regulars‘, so maybe he known that in advanced, but then again… AHHHH FORGET IT! I’ll leave it to the next episode to hopefully clear things up!

Overall, I think – despite this being an OVA to advertise and promote Valkyria Chronicles 3’s game, I think they could have done a better job explaining the circumstances of what’s going on for those who haven’t played the game yet or familar with Valkyria Chronicles in general. Also the animation quality was quite disappointing considering since A-1 Pictures had also done the original Valkyria Chronicles and didn’t do  good job for this one. Another thing that I should note that there was alot of “censored” scenes so you don’t have to see the gruesome results,  cue to Isma pretty much splitting the head of Imperial’s soldier who was attempting to assault a woman, in half or whatever.

Despite all that, it was still enjoyable to watch considering its an alternative setting revolving around the same war. The ‘Nameless’ crew characters would be considered pretty ordinary, but then got the badass granny tanking people with her whatever-you-call-it-weapon-that-Largo-also-uses (I tried looking it up, I’m not having much luck). How much more epic could this get? Also Isma, she’s a cute and damn strong at the same time. (Have you seen her nendroid? ASJHFKA IT’S SO CUTE, I WANT IT. SEE? SEE? LOOK AT IT! HOW COUDL YOU NOT WANT IT?! OH AND LOOK AT RIELA’S TOO! <3 <3 <3) As for Riela, it looks like she shares the same powers as Alicia and Selvaria – of course that’s the ‘spoiler’ from the opening. It has also been shown she likes Kurt, but he’s too dense to take the hint.

Finally, we got Kurt. The man who likes doing reckless missions, making sure every strategy is perfect, also the leader of The Nameless. He’s dense like everyone other man when it comes to ladies having feelings towards him.


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4 Responses

  1. AlHollow says:

    The “Nameless” are Gallian deserters. Of course, their past is known only to dedicated game fans. For example Kurt was framed, falsely accused in treason by some stupid and insolent general.

    And yes, in Gallian army the squad number is shown in the uniform.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah, I learned that after looking at it on MAL to get the character’s names, it’s really too bad, but at the same time it does encourage people to get the game in order to know how they ended up like that, LOL!

  2. YE NOT FILTHY says:

    The OVA takes place a while after the game actually starts (it mirrors the events of chapter 13), which is why it’s so confusing. At the same time it looks like the OVA is completely removed from the continuity, though; the main characters from VC2 should have shown up, and in the prologue to the chapter, Marberry Shore was taken (Isara would’ve been dead, but I assume this is to prevent spoilers for any of the games).

    Earlier in the game you play alongside Squad 7 with the main characters and Edy on your team, and the Edelweiss as your tank. Isara’s always wearing that shawl so you can’t see the number on her uniform, but Kurt already knew Isara, since she met him alongside Welkin.

    • Eva says:

      Thanks for the clear up, I figured as much that was the cause of the confusion.

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