Deadman Wonderland ep 3-6: *hides under a rock*

Isn't she the CUTEST thing you have ever seen?!

This isn’t more so a summary rather than a just plain out review of how I feel this anime is going at (considering I have been gone for *coughcough* a while… I have my reasons, just a shit ton of them have nothing to do with this anime) I am however, going to give a brief summary on episode 6 since it just came out…

Episode 6 starts off where we last left them (and for those of you who have not seen ep 5… Shiro goes batshit crazy because the ‘lullaby stopped’ and kills everyone in the surrounding vicinity)Another shot of Shiro just for adorableness *squees*

With Shiro smiling like a happy killer and Yoh staring up at her in complete and utter confusion (raise your hand if you saw that one coming people) before she is knocked unconscious and taken away by albino butler and maid duo…

*is now proclaiming the person on the left a woman*

All the while Ganta is angsting what happened the night before in his bedroom when he hears a girl screaming outside in the hallway. He goes outside and sees a little girl about to be rapednommed upon by this man following a Joker fad who is claiming that he is hungry and wants her flowers *coughcough*

...Yes I know they are literally flowers. BUT THE INNUENDO IS THERE DAMMIT!

Ganta helps her out and we find that this girl is super obsessive over flowers… like seriously obsessive over them…

She puts on an act about how she hates what goes on in the Deadman Wonderland and Ganta offers that they run away together; while they are running, they are caught by guards and we learn that the chick is actually another deadman that goes by the name Hummingbird and that she and Ganta have to fight the next day.

Oh she is also Yoh’s younger sister…



Makes sense now…

No not really…

Anyways the next day her and Ganta start their fight, Ganta promises that she will not hurt and what does Hummingbird do?

And many other things I am sure *coughcough*

Goes bat shit crazy and proceeds to attack Ganta. Confused and angry, Ganta starts to fight back.

... Good job there *thumbs up*

He strikes her once and then suddenly someone from outside the rink starts yelling at him.He turns to see a guard banging on the barrier glass; OMG THE GUARD IS YOH!


TENTACLE RAPE!!... by... sister's hair?

He comes into the rink and proceeds to go and protect his sister; she takes advantage of this and while still hiding behind her brother whips her blood at Ganta. Yoh is no idiot though and realises what happened all along.

She starts to freak out and grabs hold of her brother in her… tentacles? However, Ganta  is not fazed by this and still continues to go after her.

He ends up beating her down with a headbutt.

Extreme headshot is angry tiem! ... that... made no sense...

He then proceeds to yell at the screen and thus, Tamaki who is spectating the fight along with every other rich person paying to watch it.

Tch tch such a lack in manners you got there... my English sucks today...




I know I have been away from this for a while, but I have been watching it’s just that I have had school (grrr give me my marks!) and now cosplay/actual work taking over my soul


I have been watching the series




Do not worry, after this I am going to get back on track wait no I’m not I’m at an anime convention out of my province next weekend… *will do it on the upcoming Monday*

This anime


Is love and hate all put together.

What I love: The characters – yes Ganta is whiney at first and I wanted to punch him in the face, but he is actually developing at a pretty good pace; he is not suddenly OP once he learns to control his powers, though he may win, he wins out of sheer luck and cunning – showing that he does have some intelligence in there… somewhere

Shiro is adorable and I love how deep beneath her childish demeanour is a psycho killer waiting to blow you up O3O

You are just soo cute and twisted I wanna eat you up! *noms*

Yoh is Yoh… It took me a long time in the manga to like him and the same thing is going on here in the anime

Damn you, you rich little fucker~

The main villain is just as sadistic as he is in the manga and it is awesome~! *flail*

Why did this line make me think of the movie Teeth? *shudders*

What else I love about this anime is how, when you think that something is going to turn out sweet and fluffy in the end, it twists you around and disconnects your shoulder on you. THIS IS A TWISTED ANIME! And they are not sugar coating it! *love*

Now for what I hate

The pace; I’m sorry, but it was just too slow for me in the beginning, now it is starting to make more sense as to why it is a bit more slow, because they are introducing characters and such, but it’s still too slow for me : it would be awesome if you could speed up a bit more please~

The inconsistent animation





Why is it that you are really pretty one minute and the next my eyes can’t stop twitching at how bad you are *cries*


Other than a few cons, there are too many pros to this anime for me to hate it, and for that reason I will continue watching it~!

Until the day I die~~

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5 Responses

  1. AngeWayne says:

    What a scary story, i thought anime is all about fun and comedy but some how, they are doing a suspense or that seducing scene.

    • Eva says:

      This IS a horror though, so it’s supposed to be scary lmao. I was terrified just off the first five minutes of the first episode. X____x I could never watch this show since.

    • Moe says:

      *thumbs up* don’t worry I thought the same thing when I first read the manga XDDD

  2. Sam1456 says:

    god i love this anime i really hope they catch up to the manga and the manga will continue on hope it doesn’t end

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