Tiger & Bunny Episode 1: What the real world would do to ‘heroes’ [First Impression]

*ahem* Subliminal advertisement is supposed to be subliminal but OH MAH FAHKING GOD SOOOOO MANY COMPANIES *DIES*

Mecha? Advertising Pepsi?

What? When did there get to be a car chase with a man shooting fireballs from his hands? *is so so so so SOOOOO confused* Sucker Punch made more sense than this

Oh sweet zombie Jesus fire man is a drag queen *headdesks*


I guess I should get started on what this episode/series is all about and in all honesty…


I feel as if I just watched from my window, through a telescope, into another person’s house, into their bedroom, watching them watching TV; to be more precise and news coverage on an ‘epic’ heist thingy majiger of ‘epic’ proportions.

At least for like the first half.

*sighs* So Tiger & Bunny, from what I get is about heroes, who’s powers are being publicly advertised and sold by them being followed with cameras and trading cards and action figures and pretty much any of those things fan boys like to get a hold of (Doujin?). It’s like if Superman had a Camera crew following him around all day.

The person whom I am assuming the be the main character of this series so far goes by the name of Wild Tiger; he is going through some rough times. No one is buying trading cards of him (he should be thankful… I mean… I don’t think it is because my mind is in the gutter, but I am quite sure there is some major FAP sessions going on with those cars *I see what you did there stare*), he is low in the popularity rankings and the firm which sponsored him has just shut down *sadface* Not wanting to be poor and tell his daughter that he is really a hero, he signs up with another company and is thus now sponsored by them.

First Impression


Just no

I think I would have been okay with this if I had just seen one FULL SIZED mecha (and NO! the giant stature of copper coming to life does NOT count). Don’t mind me here, since I am not a huge fan of this genre, but to me, people in armoured suits do NOT count as mecha.

Like I just said, I am not a huge fan of the genre so I am not exactly quite sure what a mecha is; but I can tell you what they are to me… through example.


Those are mecha

People in metal, robotized suits

Those are people desperately trying to be Iron Man and failing miserably.





Yes, I can understand the enjoyment in this series, what feelings it can bring out in certain people.

Just not in me folks. I do like animes that have no sense, but when they are just a giant window for advertising the companies which sponsored this shit then I am sorry, that is just plain fucking obnoxious in my books.

Kudos for trying and I’m sure you will have many many fans dear Tiger and Bunny, I’m just not one of them.

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