Hanasaku Iroha Ep 1: “Be careful what you wish for…” [First Impression]

Holy muffins.

This anime is GOOD.

Oki’ First Impression:

…Let me start by saying this anime is beautiful. Lovely. And the entire premise of the first episode sets us up for what could be a very magical anime. The very beginning touched me the most simply because I could tell what was coming…and I love shoujo. Ohana, the main character, is pretty much neglected and lives with her mother who at best is ditzy and humorous. Her mother decides that since her boyfriend is in debt then she’ll run away with him and send her daughter to live with her estranger mother in a place she knows nothing about. Ohana thinks this will be a great dramatic adventures and grows excited. And let me start by saying that from the beginning of this episode I disliked her, and by the end I liked her. The anime was good enough to make me do a 180. And possibly the saddest thing from the beginning is her friend, Ko, admits he is in love with her and then runs away and doesn’t say goodbye to her. It’s horrifically sad.

In fact, let me give you a gallery. Beware of spoilers but this gallery shows you just how consistently good the animation is. I have not seen a scene in this entire show that isn’t beautiful or breathtaking. But let me give you a better summary before I do it so you won’t have a wall of text. Besides, Eva and I are sharing this episode and she makes a lot of fun observations so I think you’ll enjoy looking through the pictures on your own time more and seeing how our observations match up. Remember, my screenshots are always free to use in any form and you only have to credit our blog if you’d like to be polite.

Seriously the saddest part of the episode for me was Ko-chan’s confession just because I liked him instantly. But I really liked how Ohana thought on it a lot, like she thought about a lot of things in the story. The real kicker for this anime is I can tell exactly what kind of anime it is. Ohana is a girl who has very powerful ambitions and thinks in a certain way. She is defined in the beginning by one word, privileged. Her mother’s position in live leads her to believe that she will always be well off so nothing she does matters. So because of this she wants drama in her life to change things up. Because she starts off in a place I can barely understand, as I am privileged but in no way the extent she is, I disliked her at first. But once the story takes place and notes she’ll be moving- I know what to expect. And the story mostly delivers on what I expect. I admit that in this episode there weren’t a lot of surprises but for once that was good. I expected a more realistic situation just because Ohana’s personality is so out there and desiring change. I think at this point Ohana herself doesn’t really see how much she’s lacked in having a ditzy mother and a life that she could do nothing to change. All her daydreams involve drama and I figured, and it came true by the way, that her dreams would be dashed. In a good way.

Watch this anime because you’ll want to see where it goes. I think this anime will take Ohana from a child with no clue about the world and a naive sense of optimism to someone who is confident and have a reason and idea for her own existence. Her mother obviously loves her but she’s given no tough love, so let’s see how that plays out. Watch this anime, you won’t regret it. I’ll be staying tuned for all the character growth, pretty art, backgrounds, plot, and ROMANCE. There better be romance DAMMMIIT FHGLSDKHGFDKJSHDKGJFDHJGHDF,JGH

oki out

Photo Gallery Below~ <3 

Eva’s First Impression:Be careful what you wish for...

Just wow. This was absolutely breathtaking and an emotional episode. By the end of it I was crying, I really was. Ohana always thought her life was ‘boring’ and wanted a little drama to make it more exciting. Sure enough, like they say, ‘Be careful what you wish for‘ came into play. Her dramatic turn in life was granted starting with her mother running away with her boyfriend who was debt, leaving Ohana behind forcing her to not only transfer schools but live with her grandmother that she never met, nor had realized disowned her mother. Ohana has shown to be a very strong character who will stand up for people even if it will bite her back. She has tried several times throughout this episode to try and build her relationship with Nako that had a bad start due to Ohana’s misunderstanding about the ‘weeds’. What pained me the most was what Ohana had to go through. She’s getting crap from all these people when she’s only trying to help, nobody’s bothering to tell her how things work because they are too pre-occupied, and worst of all, her grandmother is a freaking hag!!! D:<

One of the things I absolutely loved about this episode that it felt like I was watching a movie. The quality was just gorgeous and the way Ohana narrated and spoke was like reading a novel that was animating right in front of my eyes. The characters, I find myself already drawn in by them. By the look of it, they all got their own little story, especially Nako in particular. I’m curious whether she wants to become a chef or the manager of the Inn. She takes this job very seriously. I am amused however with Nako’s character, especially how she’s like, “DIE!” to Ohana every single time.

There’s no doubt about it, I’m definitely going to blog this with Oki since we both really want to cover this (hahaha), it’s too good to ignore!




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