Deadman Wonderland Ep 1: I broke the RUUUURRUUU to watch this episode *noms on candy* [First Impression]

If there was one thing I had to look forward to this entire season it is this series. I am pleased to say it did not let me down.

PLOT! *dies of happiness*

The episode starts off with us being introduced to the main protagonist Ganta Igarashi looking at some information for his classes next big fieldtrip with some of his close friends: a trip to Deadman Wonderland. A prison which is also a tourist attraction  in the former capital of Japan, Tokyo.

A hop, skip and a boat ride away we cut to the next scene where they are all sitting down in class and suddenly Ganta starts hearing strange music, turns to look out the window and sees a man in red floating.

And then?



You don’t actually SEE all that but it is implied when Ganta wakes up in a bloody heap the only one alive.

The red man is there and before leaving shoves something into Ganta’s chest.

The next time he wakes up, Ganta finds out that he is being charged with the murder of twenty nine of his class. Ganta proclaims that he is innocent and that all of the murders were actually performed upon by a man in red. A lawyer named Tamaki takes it upon himself to represent Ganta and promises him that he will help him no matter what.

Ganta is sentenced to death.

It turns out that Tamaki wasn’t so helping and actually produced false footage of Ganta during one of their private meetings having Ganta confess to the murder.

Ganta is then sent to where else?

*little children screaming in joy*

The only privately owned prison in all of Japan located in former capital Tokyo used to attract tourists back. And who is the entertainment?

The prisoners.

Hmmm, anyone seeing a pattern here?

Ganta, while working hard in some place in the amusement park comes into contact with a girl name Shiro.

How you might ask?

He is depressed and wishes to die sooner and she jumps down proclaiming: HI! YOU WANNA DIE? KAY HOLD STILL WHILE I TRY TO BEAT YOU WITH AN IRON ROD!

Of course he does not die but rather becomes ‘friends’ (according to her) with Shiro.

Some ‘thugs’ (I have no clue if that word is appropriate considering it takes place in a prison…) comes and beats them up. However, someone wanted Ganta dead before hand and an explosion up top causes a giant ball to fall towards them.

Everyone dies the end.


Except for Ganta and Shiro because Ganta’s thingy placed in his chest by man in red goes bat shit crazy and causes his blood to swirl around him and Shiro and protect them from the falling ball thingy.

The thugs

They die :

Suddenly people begin to talk about candy and we see all these people start nomming on balls of candy.

This is the death sentence.



AFou3sa9hKJGSUIASG *diiiiieees* 





I love the manga and even though this is only the first episode and there are still quite a few questions left unanswered it is moving at a very, satisfyingly fast pace.

Meaning there will be action next episode *tears of joy*

I’m sure there are going to be people complaining about the art style of this anime, but I love it.


I feel it suits the twisted nature of what is about to come *is holding back on the spoilers*

Though there is one thing I still have yet to figure out

Is that Shiro’s outfit or skin?

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