Ao No Exorcist Ep 2: BRB as I go cry in a corner for a bit…

Why yes... that is Mameshiba

I knew it was coming… I mean, I knew from the beginning. I told myself I wouldn’t cry; that went peachily ;A;

*grabs tissues*

It starts off with a little blurb of Rin ‘monologuing’ for a split second about how he always knew he was ‘bad’ before getting back to where it last ended off; Rin and Father Fujimoto running away from the demons, trying to get back to the chapel for safety. Fujimoto wants to get back as soon as possible because night is coming – when the demons are at their strongest.

It then cuts to the thugs that were bugging Rin talking to the boy who was possessed by Astaroth asking if he really does not remember anything; which according to him he does not. However, the more his henchmen talk about Rin, the angrier the guy becomes and faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious he becomes possessed by Astaroth once more. Dedmanding for his young master, Astoroth begins his adventure onward to go and re-obtain Rin from the covenant.

I know it is a lot to take in... but COME ON ALREADY

Back with Father Fujimoto and Rin, we see that they have managed to make it back to the chapel and not a moment to soon; the other priests have just finished setting up the required barriers for the night that is to come. Rin is confused out of his mind, and Fujimoto decides to confuse him even more by bringing him underneath the altar and handing him a sword. Fujimoto explains to him that the sword is a demon-slaying blade known as Kurikara contains his demon powers sealed by the scabbard. He also says that he must never, ever, EVER let it out of his sight. Rin gets angry because it seems everyone knew about what he really was before him.

*ahem* whoa there mister! That's taking it too far!

Before Father Fujimoto can explain to him the demons outside get more reckless and Astaroth shows up once more and


Fujimoto tells Rin to go run, hide and wait for dawn to break. He hands Rin a phone saying to call the number on it once he leaves. He closes the altar on top of Rin adn joins the rest of the priests in the fight against Astaroth and his minions.

You have just been trucked!

I must say that the monks are rather tank in their abilities. However, no matter how tank they are, they are still no match for Astaroth, who only seems to be getting more and more powerful with each attack. Rin, being the rebellious child that he is breaks out from underneath the altar and knocks down Astaroth. Fujimoto exorcises the demon and Rin thus starts raging on him.

oAo RIN! Don't say that!

Fujimoto says they must hide him; Rin takes it the wrong way and starts yelling at Fujimoto how he was never really his father in the first place. Fujimoto smacks him back into reality and tells him to go get ready to leave, but it is too late.

Gah! Don't say that either! *sniffles*

Satan takes possession of Fujimoto’s body. Finally reacquainting with his son, he wastes no time in opening up a gate to Gehenna and bringing Rin back with him. Rin starts crying out for help and it seems that Fujimoto hears the cry. For a mere moment, Fujimoto is able to take control of his body and stabs himself in the chest with the vial/needle necklace around his neck. Thus exorcising Satan out of him, but killing himself in the meantime.

*glares* How dare you!

I’m gonna go cry now

Buh! ;A;


Baaah! *full on bawl*

Rin snaps as he sees Fujimoto’s body sink into, grabs hold of the sword and unsheaths it; thusly releasing his demon powers. He destroys the gate and stops both himself, and Fujimotos corpse being dragged to Gehenna.

Unfortunately, it is still too late for Fujimoto.


Yukio shows up just after everything happens and the next scene is them at Fujimoto’s grave.

Rin stands alone in front of it as everyone leaves him be. He has the phone that Fujimoto gave him in his hand and decides to call the number on it. Lo and behold a phone starts ringing nearby.

Enter Mephisto Pheles; Fujimoto’s best friend.


...'scuse me?!!

Here was a very serious moment and you had to bring HIM into the picture?! The hell is wrong with you.

*ahem* Mephisto tells Rin that he has two choices; either be killed by the order or kill himself. Rin rages at him saying that he was told he would be protected by him and pretty much gives him a big fuck you slap in the face by saying that he will become an exorcist. When Mephisto asks him why, he blatantly says so that he can beat the shit out of his birth father (whom he is denying is his real father)

Damn straight!

While laughing hysterically Mephisto agrees on letting him become an exorcist.


*curls up into a ball in a corner and cries* FUJIMOTOOOO

I mean, I knew it was coming but why oh why did you have to die?! Well I knew why you had to but still! *cries*

On a happier note *blows nose* The pace of this anime is rather to my liking; it’s moving at a fast pace and it seems that everything will be revealed to us rather quickly without many questions being built up in our brains. I like not having my brain explode with questions.

Fujimoto’s death was just as epic as he was though, and just as touching.

Fujimoto, you did us proud for the short two episodes you were in~

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6 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    I bawled my eyes out during this episode. It was so awesome yet so sad!!! ;A; *CONTINUES SOBBING*

  2. Ruby says:

    Lol ok. those gifs are just damn funny LOLOLOLOL!! sorry I can’t get in the mood coz the gif..especially that hugging one… XD anyways.. yeah the episode so sad, I will miss the old guy ;_; I can’t believe that Satan appeared so fast, he’s so creepy the way he laughed in Fujimoto’s body, all the bleeding and stuff I was liek 0_o… O_O….o_0 I hope that Rin will get revenge!

    • Moe says:

      I am glad you enjoy those gifs (fff that scene was a very touching moment ;A; *Doctor Who fangirl)

      I think we will all miss the old guy and yes; if Rin does not kick Satan’s ass then there is no point to this anime in my eyes anymore =_=

  3. SabbaKimmo says:

    I really liked the dad. He seemed like a nice sort of a person. I am so sad that the dad died and also that the main character was sad… I wonder how everything will turn out though.

    • Moe says:

      The two episodes he was in though were indeed of epic proportions *nodnod*

      I agree in that I am looking forward to seeing what happens next X3

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