Supernatural the Animation Ep 2: Just to torment myself, I’mma gonna go watch the english Dub.

*sigh* Yes, it’s true – it’s dubbed. And just for my own torment and to say that I have AT LEAST attempted to watch it in English, this episode I will.This episode is the episode “Roadkill” and follows the exact same story line as the original live action episode from season 2. No. Not season one, but season two; I guess the Japanese are just really lazy in following the actual time line and are just picking out the most badass episodes. Which is fine, but one thing.

Sam is asking where daddy is.

I have a sad truth to tell you… WARNING SPOILERS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THE ORIGINAL SUPERNATURAL!! Daddy is already dead~!! Like he died a while back before this episode aired in the original series…. but I’ll digress there.END OF SPOILERS HERE

Trench coat maaaaa~n

The episode is about a girl, who while traveling with her husband on a second honeymoon of sorts gets into a car crash trying to avoid a sketch old man in a trench coat on the highway. She wakes up sometime later and sees the damage done to her car, as well as her husband. Delusional, she leaves the car to go and find help, only to stumble upon a sketch old cottage in the middle of the woods, where sketch man in trench coat is.

One day Impala... you will be mine!

Sketch man begins to chase her out back onto the main road.

Enter Sam and Dean… who nearly hit her. Thumbs up guys~

She asks them for their help in getting her husband out of a car crash, believing something is up they decide to help. Once they get to the scene of the crash the car, with her supposed husband are no longer there.

Bewildered, the trio walk back to the cottage where the woman claim she was starting to be chased by a weird man. This being Supernatural, they just have to go into the house and investigate what is going on. Of course, it can’t be a normal house either. Noooo. It has to be sketch, old, run down with weird things on the wall.

Oh and there is a corpse hanging from the ceiling~.

With further investigation they find out that the person she was being chased by was actually the spirit of a person who, years before had been killed, and every year, on the anniversary of his death will go after the person who killed him to avenge his death.

Dean goes and burns the bones of the spirit, in order to vanguish it of sorts, but lo and behold, the spirit is still rather angry. Confused on why the spirit has not disappeared yet, they pursue it back to the cottage where the woman also is. In the end, they vanquish the spirit, and the woman, who is grateful, thanks them and decides to go back to living her life.


Sam and Dean reveal to the woman, that her husband is still alive, but is now living with another woman. Confused, she gets angry at them and asks them why they would say that. The brothers tell them, that she herself, is a spirit that has been haunting this part of the highway for the past 15 years.

They say that they were sent here by her former husband in order to get her to free herself from having to, every year, relive her death on it’s anniversary.

She gets angry, she cries, but in the end, she accepts the truth and after a cuddle fest with Sam moves on.

Overall impression

Aha, well now… I decided to watch this episode in English just to say that I can have an opinion on it and…

*switches back to Japanese subtitles*

I’m sorry, but yes, they have Jared Padalecki (the original Sam) voicing Sam, but there are times where he is just… BBBAAAAAAHHH! His anger feels forced and monotonous. You would think that since this is HIS role, he would be able to do it.




Not only that, but the voice actor for Dean (which, official sites say it is not Jensen Ackles) has issues with sticking to one accent – sure it’s not noticeable at first, but after a while it just gets GOD. DAMN. FUCKING ANNOYING!!! Stick to one accent, it’s NOT hard. Maybe if you stuck to one you wouldn’t be so FUCKING BLAND AND MONOTONOUS *ragerageragerageRAGE*

And I haven’t even taken the time to talk about the episode, which by the way, to me, is one of the best episodes in all of the original Supernatural series. It has an interesting story, and the female character is one that I really feel sorry for in the end.

I have some people that I know that complain that they never hear about the good ghosts. All I gotta say to them is for them to watch, live action original or anime spinoff, this episode and then come back to me on those complaints of theirs.

Good episode, pretty good animation

Just stay away from the dubs and you’ll be all good *thumbs up*

I wanna cuddle big, teddy bear Sammy *jealous*

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