Supernatural the Animation Ep 1: Don’t blink… you might miss something!

Thank GOD there was no opening song with magical girls or anything of the sort *just pictured Sam in a magical girl uniform*

The first episode in the series of 6 episodes is the episode (to all fans who have watched the Original series) is the skinwalker episode; however… the plot of the episode is COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT (minus one point there boys~).  It starts off with a ‘husband’ killing his wife, and if you didn’t know it already, you knew what the episode was about when she starts screaming at the monster who the FUCK HE IS!!! (please excuse my over exaggeration Ohohoho~).

Wooo at least they are not cheaping out on the BLOOD *blaaarrrghh*

Awww even in the anime version Sam is broody *stamps 'YOU GOT THIS RIGHT' all over it*

The episode is at least generous enough to show us a super tiny flashback sequence is Sam’s dreams about what the hell has happened during the last 5 episodes which were not animated (*sniffs* and I was really hoping they would animate the Bloody Mary episode ;A; ) They have their little snippet banters back and forth about how they are supposed to be looking for their dad and all that jazz to anyone who has seen the original… you know how these fights are. In the end they always end up going after the monster; because if they didn’t… there would be no episode ;D

Even though it does not follow the original plot line of the original skinwalker episode (for, to all whom have not seen it is titled Skin) it follows the same basic idea. Someone is accused of a brutal, grotesque murder, there is video proof of them being there at the time of the murder, yet the suspects still scream out for their innocence, claiming that they were somewhere else at the time.

*just pictured Deam screaming Sammy- CHAAAAAA~N*

DAT ASS! *Dean's seal of approval*

Enter Sam and Dean who, through a process of tedious, and annoying investigation come to the conclusion that it is some sort of spirit and go after it. Turns out it is not a spirit but a skinwalker, and they find this out as it takes the form of Dean and goes around running amok and being all sexy and all that jazz…

*stares* That was not what it looked like in the original series... It didn't even have it's own form...

In the end they get the skinwalker and walk off scott free… no problems at all. Which *sigh* to anyone who has seen the original episode is not how this is supposed to go. The skinwalker, in the original, GETS AWAY, and Dean is not wanted for BRUTAL MURDERS.

Alas… I guess they had to change it up for like, reasons of their own, which will still have the fans raging…

Overall impression

*sigh* as much as there are inaccuracies when taking the original series into consideration, it is still a very good first episode. Sure it is fast paced, and if you look away for even a second, you might miss something that is really REALLY important. All that aside, I can understand why they did what they did; for starters, they wanted to at least make the episode somewhat original, so keeping the basic idea of the episode in mind, they just switched the characters and the pace around.


The second thing is the pace. It is fast. Very fast, but it is understandable. The original series, each episode is 45 minutes long. This episode was only 22 minutes, so of course, it is not as detailed or dragged out as the original. Besides the fact that I had to try so hard to not look away, I actually found it refreshing at how fast paced it was; this is probably due to the fact that my one complaint about the original series was how some things were dragged out just a bit too much for my liking.

The animation for the anime… the only complaint I have about it is the way the shading is done. I dunno, but something about how it is done just has me twitching slightly. As if it is unnatural and forced; like under a spotlight or something. I guess they wanted to give off that dark feeling a bit more than necessary.

HEEEEE! He is using his leg as a guitar *thumbs up times one SQUILLION*

Oh man, it would have made my day if they decided to be funny and add in an ‘XD’ expression on one of the characters faces for just even a split second. But no, there was none of that, which also made me happy; I’m glad to see they were still able to animate some of the expressions that Sam and Dean make in the original and translate them into animation *thumbs up*

One day you will be mine *pumps fist in motivation*

The one thing which I must say I am proud about is how the animate the Impala *drools* It’s so so so so SO shiny and definitely gets my approval *thumbs up*

So yes, even though this is only the first episodes (all six are out, they will be making their way on here in the next few days) go check it out – even though it is fast, it is still rather enjoyable and it still has the ism, which, for me, I enjoy about the original show.

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