Nichijou Episode 0 [First Impression]: How to make three scenes that could last 2 minutes last a whole episode…

To be honest, this was kinda what I expected for this show, I mean it obviously had to be weird, considering the summary they gave us for the preview was absolutely retarded quite bizarre. But, I still have to mention this, before I go into more details: WTF IS THIS CRAP?!?!?!?!!?!


I don't think I've ever seen such a plain-looking title before...

Alright, so the episode starts off with 2 main characters The blue haired girl seems to be the main character, although the promo poster states that it’s another random girl who shows up less than Bluehair in this episode… hm…, Bluehair and Stupidgirl too lazy to look up their names, moreover at episode zero no one remembers names anyways :), who got their latest test results. Bluehair got a really good mark I think, I mean in my head 67 isn’t great, but hey, it might be out of 70 or something… Japanese grading systems don’t work with those kind of points either, so I’m a tad confused…, and Stupidgirl got, well, her nickname says it, a very stupid mark HOW THE HELL DO YOU GRADE 1 ON A TEST?!?!?!?!. After a small argument where Bluehair tries to figure out Stupidgirl’s mark, Bluehair figures it out and since Stupidgirl feels extremely down Bluehair tries and manages to FOR 10 WHOLE MINUTES, MUST I PRECISE cheer up Stupidgirl. In the end, nice and gentle-looking Bluehair is actually quite a bitch, and that is the end of part one.

Alright, let me pause this. And rant about this RETARDED WTF first part. First off, let me put this straight, in case you didn’t get this from my summary.

10 minutes of this episode… we’re wasted… on 1 single scene, where Bluehair cheers up Stupidgirl. That. WAS THE WHOLE FIRST 10 MINUTES. No kidding. O_o I didn’t think that was possible.

Anyways, on to part 2! get ready for a very short summary.

Main-character-from-the-promo-poster’s sister gets a cold, and the rest of the episode is spent as she tries to make her take her medication. No really. That’s all that happens. Oh yeah, and apparently their pet cat talks O_o and that is when you realize this show is retarded and don’t ask questions.

Then, we are given another scene in a train, going back to Bluehair, Stupidgirl, and their other random friend now nicknamed Smartgirl She looks smart...

wheeeeeee, traaaaain.......

…That’s it. There’s actually absolutely nothing else to say about it.

Anyways… terrible plot (I can’t believe they make such trivial scenes last so freakin’ long), the humour was kinda… weird… but I still watched the whole thing and for some reason now I wanna watch more of it O.o.

First Impression

Basically, I suggest to you all to go read my summaries for Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru from the Fall season 2010. I seriously feel as though this show is a replica of it, it basically gives off the same vibe as it, except with less horrible art Or should I say, still horrible but not as much as the other one...

Hmm... Now that I take a good look at it, I just realized how much the art is horrid...

NO PLOT. NO STORY. WEIRD HUMOUR. It’ll probably end up sucking real bad and I see myself dropping this in a couple of weeks.

…Somehow though, I really wanna watch more of it… It actually looks kinda funny and that first episode hooked me up enough that I called it for blogging as soon as I saw it O_o. We’ll see how it goes, I guess…

Oh yeah. Let me also mention this. There was no opening to the episode… O_o Just the horrid-looking title…


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3 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    //After a small argument where Bluehair tries to figure out Stupidgirl’s mark, Bluehair figures it out and since Stupidgirl feels extremely down Bluehair tries and manages to FOR 10 WHOLE MINUTES, MUST I PRECISE cheer up Stupidgirl. //

    O_o Sounds alot like Lucky Star talking about food for an entire episode or something! XD Actually in short, the amount of randomness you describe sounds ALOT like Lucky Star, just not as cute looking nor have I heard about any parodies yet

    • Myst says:

      Well, to be honest I haven’t watched Lucky Star at all. I have watched part of Azumanga Daioh and the whole of Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, and if you remember my ranting about the latest you can imagine what I’m thinking this show is going to be like XD It is quite random, and there definitely won’t be any kind of plot in this. Come on, I mean… 10 minutes? O_o On one scene involving CHEERING UP?!

      • Eva says:

        Yeah that alone really shows that you haven’t watched it. XD I haven’t been able to watch the entire Lucky Star series myself because – well, I just grew bored way too quickly.

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