Level E, Episode 11: Trapped in one’s Subconscious

Yukitaka and his baseball team suddenly find themselves transported to another dimension. They try to figure out how the ended up there and who was the cause of it when suddenly Baka appears explaining the possible situation. Meanwhile, Lafferty confronts Captain Kraft and his partners about the mysterious event after having followed the bus so that he can cheer for the team at their game. After brainstorming whether it was a race of aliens involved or whether it was stress, they realize that it was the fault of one of the players who had arrived to the game already due to concentrating so much on his image training for the upcoming game. In the end everyone got out safely – except for Baka and made it on time to play their game.


Sorry this is coming out a bit later than I hoped. I’ve been coping with a terrible migraine since yesterday and so pretty much I have been sleeping all day trying to get rid of it. =3= Much to my dismay, it’s still going strong and I’m ready to crawl back into bed… stupid winter storm. Just had to pop up the first day of spring…

FINALLY, WE’RE BACK ON TRACK WITH THE GOOD HUMOR! 8D I managed to get a good laugh out of this and allowed me to enjoy the episode so much more! There were severals things that I loved, Lafferty’s clan determination to take down another alien clan who they accused to be the ones at fault for sending Yukitaka and his team into another dimension. The next was Baka’s sudden appearance that made Yukitaka go, “OMFG NOT YOU AGAIN” and finally Captain’s Kraft moment when he crashed the car and was chilling out, plotting a way to somehow keep Baka in that subconscious dimension. Speaking of which I wonder how long Baka will be trapped in that subconscious. Considering he’s a genius, it shouldn’t be too much trouble, but for the time being I think everyone has the right the celebrate, especially Captain Kraft for the sake of having to put up with that mischievous devil.

Throughout the episode, when they mentioned it was someone’s fault for being stressed I thought maybe it was the team’s captain that was the culprit. However after we learned the person wasn’t supposed to be in the subconscious I realized, “Well now I can’t guess.” Only after that we learned that it was it had to do with concentrating than stress.

8D I’m looking forward to the next episode! MORE AWESOMENESS WITH YUKITAKA!!! 8D

;A; I’m sorry. I just can’t write – awesome episode and all but the weather is getting to me and… *slowly crawls back to bed and buries self under covers* … Zzzzzz….


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  1. reem says:

    Great episode but who is the culprit?? i still confuse with this episode. or maybe the princess blow the stadium so they can be back to reality??

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