Hourou Musuko Episode 4

Nitori and Chiba continues to work on the script for Romeo and Juliet. Nitori gets an idea from Takatsuki about exchanging names for the play when she offered for him to use hers after he told her about how he and Ariga were recording their voices. The next day at school their teacher asks the class if there are any volunteers who would like to help Nitori and Chiba with the script, much to Chiba’s dismay every one of their friends offered to pitch in. She later call Nitori over to her house so that they can work on the script alone since they will be forced to work with the others. She tells him that she likes his idea of Romeo and Juliet exchanging names and offers him her name. After he leaves she rushes off the community church and prays to god to allow Nitori to get the role as Juliet and let her be Romeo.


Aww, this was such a cute episode I loved it! It’s funny how Chiba, despite she is obnoxious and  often steps out of the line, I still like her character. While she may drive some viewers nuts, for me she has a charm that makes her likable. Perhaps it’s because how much she’s supporting Nitori, the questions she asks him that makes him think ahead in the future. I especially loved the part when she acted from the script, I think it would be very interesting to see her take on the role as Romeo. I do feel bad for her that she is somehow always one step behind Takatsuki.

As for Takatsuki, rather than well – understanding, I find her to be more or less dense about Nitori’s ulterior motive behind the script of the play. Speaking of the play, I absolutely found the classroom scene where the teacher asked for some volunteers to help Chiba and Nitori work on their script absolutely hilarious. All of their friends volunteered, and then when the teacher noticed Chiba glaring at him, I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor guy, just trying to make things more comfortable for them.

Last thing I found funny how everyone’s reaction to the little accessory that Anna gave to Nitori as an apology. It’s not that hideous!!! >_> Not that I’d want one anyways…



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